presents... Interesting Motherfucker: (noun)
An individual exhibiting such uniqueness or individuality that he or she will cause a roomful of bar cronies to exclaim, "That's one interesting motherfucker!" Actual sexual relations with one's mother are not required.

Interesting Motherfuckers are the artists, musicians, authors, filmmakers, actors and assorted creative types whose eccentricity forced them to stray from the path of normal humans and follow their own twisted visions. They are the freaks, the geeks and the cult icons of pop entertainment. If you work hard enough, the next Interesting Motherfucker could be you!
Until then, peruse the following... And don't foget to check out the Motherfucking Masterpieces!
  Sammy Davis Junior 06/01/19
By John Saleeby
When the rat pack 50s hit the rock and roll 60s we all knew America was a serious trouble. Fortunately the Candy Man came along to soothe our souls with a song.
Redd Foxx Redd Foxx 09/01/17
By John Saleeby
From underground comedy records to Sanford and Son, Redd Foxx made a career out of breaking rules. And new ground.
  The Undertones 05/01/17
By John Saleeby
In the 1970s, a band of teenage punks rose out of the battleground of northern Ireland to sing about the important issues of their day: girls, having fun and being a kid.
  Jan Hammer 02/01/17
By Wil Forbis
The synthesizer wielding madman fused technology and music in a way that defied definition. Is he finally getting the respect he deserves?
  Jack Chick 01/01/16
By John Saleeby
The life of the originator of the Christian mini-comic book is examined. Bon Jovi stops by to make a guest appearance.
  Shecky Green 01/01/16
By John Saleeby
Vegas comedian Shecky Green was doing improv comedy when Robin Williams was still in underwear. But what exactly made Shecky so funny? Saleeby investigates.
  Slim Gaillard 12/01/15
By Wil Forbis
As a jazz musician of the mid-20th-century, Gaillard sang crazy tunes about exotic food, construction equipment and starchy snacks. But his goofball demeanor graced genuine talent.
  Tom Laughlin 02/01/14
By John Saleeby
Saleeby ruminates on the man who gave us Billy Jack, the Rambo of hippies.
  Sherwood Schwartz
By Johh Saleeby
Was the creator of Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch the secret influence on a generation of comedy writers?
Louis Prima Louis Prima 04/01/13
By John Saleeby

New Orleans native Louis Prima was sent sent out into the world to guarantee a swinging good time for all.
Kevin Gilbert Kevin Gilbert 03/01/13
By Wil Forbis

Meet Kevin Gilbert, the prog-rock genius behind Toy Matinee, Sheryl Crow, Giraffe and other projects from the 80s and 90s. Why is he still unknown?
  Johnny 'Guitar' Watson 09/01/12
By Wil Forbis
As a young blues guitar player in the 1950s, Johnny Watson was competent if not particularly noteworthy. But as a pimptastic, sequin suited funkmeister in the 1970s, he was nothing short of the cat's pajamas.
  Jerry Stiller 07/01/12
By John Saleeby
Are comedians, like fine wine and cheese, best when aged? Jerry Stiller of "Seinfeld" and "King of Queens" would seem to make the case.
Dario Argento Dario Argento 02/01/12
By Wil Forbis
The Italian horror director captures scenes of attractive women being decapitated, disemboweled, garrotted, strangled, punctured and pummeled and renders the resulting images as high art.
  Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider 06/01/12
By John Saleeby
Meet and greet with the Hollywood production team that brought you Easy Rider, The Last Picture Show and The Monkees! Yes, THE MONKEES!!!
H.P. Lovecraft H.P. Lovecraft 10/01/11
By Wil Forbis
A look at the strange career of the author of Call of Cthulhu, The Shadow over Innsmouth and other weird tales.
Mitch Hedberg Mitch Hedberg
By John Saleeby
John reviews the short, funny, tragic life of the "nice guy of comedy."
  Ray Walston
By John Saleeby
He played a grouchy Martian, a grouchy sailor, a grouchy high school teacher and a grouch at the end of the world. But Ray Walston always maintained a certain charm.
  Boomtown Rats
By John Saleeby
Before he was a holier than thou saint, Bob Geldof fronted an Irish rock band. Why did they never acheive the popularity of The Clash?
  ZZ Top
By Wil Forbis
An examination of the career of the infamous Texas trio, with particular attention paid to their transition from blues rockers to synthesizer and drum machine wielding pop fanatics. Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard get their due!
Julie Brown Julie Brown 12/01/09
By Wil Forbis
Armed only with her comedic genius, MTV superstar Julie Brown raged a one-woman war against brain-dead bimbos and daffy dance divas.
  The Darkness
By John Saleeby
The band that sparked the brief reawakening of falsetto powered classic rock was felled by the same substance that derailed so many groups before them: the white mistress, cocaine.
Al Jaffee Al Jaffee 07/01/08
By Wil Forbis
When he created his infamous "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions" MAD Magazine cartoonist Al Jaffee saved the sanity of a generation.
Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton04/01/08
By Wil Forbis
Hillary Clinton has become almost a caricature in our culture. Wil takes a look at the events that shaped the political evolution of the woman who could be the next president... or Green Lantern!

Mick Jones 03/01/08
By John Saleeby
Saleeby breaks out the love for the gentleman who was the thinking man's punk guitarist, and patient zero for such seminal acts as the Clash and Big Audio Dynamite.

Arch Hall jr Arch Hall Jr.   10/01/07
By Wil Forbis
Drive in movie star Arch Hall could have contentedly played wholesome young Americans before retiring to a life of real estate. But he would have been denying his inner sadist.
Nina Hartley Nina Hartley
By John Saleeby
What got John started in his love affair for the sexiest sex educator in the adult movie biz? Blame it on Grandpa!
GG Allin GG Allin  4/01/07
By Wil Forbis
Punk legend GG Allin performed naked, ate his own bodily sacrament and shocked the hell out of the audiences of Jerry Springer. But was there a method to his madness?
Rick Rubin Rick Rubin 12/01/06
By John Saleeby
Meet the maestro of musical mayhem who can cross over from the Dixie chicks to Slayer.
Sam Peckinpah Sam Peckinpah 10/01/06
By Wil Forbis
"Bloody Sam," the drink-addled, coke snorting, womanizing movie director of uber-violent classics like "The Wild Bunch" and "Straw Dogs" destroyed the myth of the John Wayne cowboy and brought about the rise of the Western outlaw.
Maddox 09/01/06
By Johnny Apocalypse
Ever feel like there are no interesting motherfuckers around anymore? Johhny nominates the creator of the "Best Page in the Universe."
Wendy O. Williams 08/01/06
By Wil Forbis
Shock Rock queen Wendy O. Williams spent the better part of the '70s and '80s offending the sensibilities of decent people everywhere. But who was behind her mysterious death?
Thelonious Monk 07/01/06
By Wil Forbis
Start swinging as Acid Logic takes a look at the life of jazz music's most irreverent pianist. And don't forgot to dig "The Alternative History of Thelonious Monk."
Bruce Campbell 06/01/06
By Johnny Apocalypse
Finally, the I.M. that was bound to happened! And don't miss the "Imaginary Interview with Bruce Campbell!"
Sid Haig 03/01/06
By Wil Forbis
Sid Haig, star of "The Devil's Rejects" and "Spider Baby", has had a career that's touched every flavor of 'spoitation cinema.
David Allan Coe 01/01/06
By Wil Forbis
Country music's outlaw prince gets his day in court. Plus - Can Coe walk the line as well as Johnny Cash?
Bret Easton Ellis 010/01/05
By Tom Waters
Consume the critical overview of the writer who made cocaine snorting bisexual teenagers and chainsaw wielding Wall Street serial killers all the rage.
Nathan Schiff 05/01/05
By John Saleeby
Wine and dine with the director of cult classics like "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" and "Long Island Cannibal Massacre."
Saddam Hussein 03/01/05
By Wil Forbis
Get to know the loveable dictator who starred in "Desert Storm" and "The Mother of All Wars.
Bernie Casey 02/01/05
By John Saleeby
Starting out in football and kicking ass in numerous Blaxploitation flicks, Bernie Casey defined "The Big Scary Black Guy."
Ween 12/16/04 
By Sean C Tarry
If the maniacal musicalogical mayhem of Dean and Gene Ween is not "acid logic" then nothing is. Sean gives the boys their due.
Phil Lynott 12/01/04
By Wil Forbis
Was Thin Lizzy the averagest band in the history of rock and roll? Maybe, but frontman Phil was a walking, talking, tragic comic of epic proportions.
Inoshiro Honda 09/16/04
By John Saleeby
During his reign as director of the Godzilla flicks, Inoshiro Honda perfected the art of the "rubber suit monster."
Louis CK
By Sean C Tarry
Get to know the 98th greatest stand up of all time!
Peter Cook - Dudley Moore
By John Saleeby
The stars of "Beyond the Fringe" and the "Derek and Clive" records were destined for greatness... and alcoholism!
Richard Lester
By John Saleeby
For the man who invented the music video, it was all in a Hard Day's Night to launch the Beatles film career and direct the good "Superman" films.
Sho Kosugi 05/16/04
By Wil Forbis
The year was 1982. America needed Ninjas. And Sho Kosugi was more than willing to provide them.
Philip Seymour Hoffman 03/16/04
By Tom Waters
Tom pontificates on the role of the character actor and shines the light on the current leader of this underappreciated pack of thespians.
Antonio Fargas 02/16/04
By Wil Forbis
By portraying pimpalicious characters in "Foxy Brown," "Cleopatra Jones," and "Starsky & Hutch" Antonio Fargas laid bare the travails of the ghetto underdog.
David Lee Roth 02/01/04
John Saleeby
Yeah baby! Diamond Dave gets inducted into Interesting Motherfuckerhood. Who needs the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
Bill Hicks 12/16/03
By Cody Wayne
When god created Bill Hicks, he mixed in equal parts cynicism, wit and revolutionary zeal. But after 32 years he had to call Bill home and let the seeds he'd sowed bloom on their own.
Albert Fish 10/31/03
By John Saleeby
Big name serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer get all the attention. Saleeby gives a shout out for the bogeymen that was Albert Fish.
John Witherspoon
By John Saleeby
Is John Witherspoon, former male model and star of TV's "The Wayans Brothers," the funniest man in the world? Saleeby endeavors to find out.
Alice Cooper 06/01/03 
By John Saleeby
Take a deranged look at the career of rock's only God-fearing, golf club swinging madman.
Penelope Spheeris 05/16/03
By Wil Forbis
Take the time to meet and greet with the director of such cult classics as "The Decline of Western Civilization" rockumentaries and the punk masterpeice, "Suburbia."
Akira Kurosawa 05/01/03
By Alex Kidd
Trapped with backwoods relatives, Alex has to choose between a film by the master of Japanese cinema and Dorf Goes Autoracing. Pray he makes the right choice.
Warren Zevon 04/16/02
By Xander Horlyk
Xander offers a look at the the Kierkegaard of rock followed by a review of Zevon's career-spanning retrospective, "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead." Don't forget to stop and enjoy the sandwiches.
Tobe Hooper 04/01/03
By John Saleeby
John reveals the subtext of the chainsaw as a penis symbol and makes other fascinating observations in this biography of the famed horror director.
Fred Thompson 02/16/02
By John Saleeby
Ronald Reagan quit acting with monkeys to join the world of politics. Tennessee Senator, Fred Dalton Thompson, quit politicking with monkeys to become an actor. Hey, at least Fred can still spell his name!
Pam Grier 02/01/03
By John Saleeby
If someone's going to cut off your penis and send it to your girlfriend in a jar, it might as well be 70's blaxploitation queen, Pam Grier.
Freddie King 12/16/02
By Wil Forbis
Wil analyzes the work of blues master Freddie King, pauses to offer a contentious statement on race relations, then goes back to analyzing.
  Ray Harryhausen 10/16/02
By John Saleeby
Any yokel can make animated dinosaurs on a computer, but it took special effects master Ray Harryhausen to create them out of clay. Saleeby lays down the final word on the king of stop-motion animation.
Frank Gorshin08/16/02
By John Saleeby
Riddle me this: What comic impressionist started his career opening for Alan King and is still at the top of his game?
  John Kennedy Toole 07/01/02
By John Saleeby
John Kennedy Toole wrote the funniest novel ever and then promptly killed himself. After he reads Saleeby's take on his greatest work, he'll be rolling in his grave.
Jack Webb 06/16/02
By John Saleeby
In the late sixties, Dragnet's Jack Webb was America's last line of defense against the scourge of hippiedom!
James Ellroy 06/16/02
By John Saleeby
Sick meets twisted when crime noir author James Ellroy is profiled by resident Acid Logic maniac, John Saleeby. Just don't ask, "What's in the jar??!!"
  Steve Ditko 05/16/02
By Wil Forbis
As the Spider-Man film sweeps the nation, the I.M. spotlight turns on Spidey's co-creator: comic book legend, Steve Ditko.
  David Allen Grier 05/01/02
By John Saleeby
While looking at the life of the star of" D.A.G" and "In Living Color," John maps the route to a successful comedy career.
Bernard Herrmann 04/16/02
By Wil Forbis

From "Citizen Kane" to "Psycho" to "Taxi Driver," Bernard Herrmann was the man wrote the music behind the movies. We have no doubt that he would be honored to be called an "Interesting Motherfucker." Hell, who wouldn't?
  Yoko Ono 04/01/02
By Wil Forbis and John Saleeby
Saleeby is offered one last chance to rescue his smoldering reputation by contributing to a bio of Yoko Ono. The results are almost as traumatic as Yoko's 1981 "Season of Glass" album.
Dave Thomas 02/01/02
By John Saleeby
John takes a look at the swinging career of dearly departed Dave Thomas, founder of the Wendy's franchise. Sit back with your Biggie Fries and Frosty and enjoy!
Lemmy 01/16/02
By John Saleeby
Loved by both punkers and metalheads, Motorhead's lead singer is the defining icon for the down and dirty school of real rock and roll!
  Jack Douglas 01/01/02
By John Saleeby
John takes a look at the career of Jack Douglas, producer for the classic Aerosmith, Cheap Trick and John and Yoko albums. (Assuming there's such a thing as a "classic" John and Yoko album.)
Toshiro Mifune 12/15/01
By Wil Forbis
A look at the Japanese actor who helped define the "tough guy" role for both the east and west.
Spike Milligan 12/01/01
By John Saleeby
John takes a look at the life of the godfather of alternative comedy and main scribe for Britain's classic "Goon Show."
Nina Hagen 11/16/01
By Wil Forbis
A look at the Germanic Punk Priestess who created the new wave of funk opera.
Doris Wishman 7/16/01
By Wil Forbis

A look at the work of the woman who directed classic adult camp films such as "Nude On the Moon", "Bad Girls Go to Hell" and "A Night To Dismember."
  Bruce Loose and Will Shatter 6/15/01
By Pete Moss
Pete recollects the glory days of the ill-fated San Francisco punk band, Flipper.
  Kate Bush 6/01/01
By Wil Forbis

An attempt is made to summarize the life and times of the English born songwriter and dancer.
Roz Chast 5/01/01
By Wil Forbis

In the hands of New Yorker cartoonist, Roz Chast, the neurosis of the American family are laid bare.
  Bob and Tommy Stinson 4/15/01
By John Saleeby
Saleeby takes a look at the real talents behind underground 80's legends, The Replacements.
  Pete Bondurant 4/01/01
By John Saleeby
Saleeby takes a look at one of the underground comix greats, Pete Bondurant, author of such works as 'Rednecks Conquer the Earth' and 'Silly Kitty.'
  Joan and John Cusack 3/15/01
By Wil Forbis and Pete Moss

A thought provoking summation of the Cusack siblings' careers. Includes an impromptu interview with John Cusack by Pete Moss.
Roger Corman 3/1/01
By John Saleeby
Saleeby takes a look at the career of the king of B-Movies and manages to offend a coffee house full of sensitive artists in the process.
Paul Williams 2/15/01
By John Saleeby
Paul Williams, legendary actor/songwriter and all around short person is one of the most interesting motherfuckers around!
  Doug Kenney and Michael O'Donaghue 2/1/01
By John Saleeby
Saleeby explores the lives of two comedy pioneers who made lasting contributions to National Lampoon, Saturday Night Live and American dementia.
Tom Savini 12/16/00
By John Saleeby
With his vast experience as a make up artist, actor and director on numerous horror films, there's no doubt that Tom Savini is one interesting motherfucker!
Tommy Chong 10/15/00
By John Saleeby
The long awaited Acid Logic celebrity bio section is kicked off with a look at 70's comedian, Tommy Chong



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