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  • Interview with Honey Lauren 03/12/20
    By Wil Forbis
    Actress/Director Honey Lauren discusses her award-winning short film 'Wives of the Skies', tying people up with rope, #metoo, and more.

  • Interview with Jason Smith, Author of "The Bitter Taste of Dying" 10/01/15
    By Wil Forbis
    Author of a recently release drug memoir, Smith discusses the tribulations of addiction, maintaining believability, the emotional fragility of today's youth and the impact of on publishing.

  • Honey Lauren 11/01/11
    The actress discusses her new short, "DOT GOT SHOT," and the state of the movie industry.

  • Sex at Dawn: Interview with Christopher Ryan 10/01/10
    By Wil Forbis
    The psychologist discusses his controversial theories about the polygamous and promiscuous roots of man's sexual behavior.

  • Jason and the Scorchers 04/01/10
    By Wil Forbis
    The pioneers of alt-country return with a new album! They talk to acid logic about the dichotomy between country and rock and what it takes to make it in the modern music industry.

  • Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Joe Nickell And The Supernatural Realm 04/01/10
    By Tom Waters
    The world's only full-time paranormal investigator spills the goods on ghosts, UFOs and the Loch Ness monster. (Pssst! It's just a bunch of otters!)

  • Buffalo Musician Michael Bly 12/01/09
    By Tom Waters
    Tom gabs with the lawyer-turned-rocker about jealous musicians, silent session musicians and lesbian girlfriends.

  • Good Grief and Tremendous Flops: Alex Robinson off the Cuff 08/01/08
    By Tom Waters
    Tom talks comics with the writer/artist of Box Office Poison and Too Cool to Be Forgotten.
  • Found in Translation: The Puma Swede Interview
    By Tom Waters 5/01/06
    Tom chats up the Swedish born porn star known for the best chest in the West. Will her wisdom on child rearing and horseback riding win your heart?

  • Brian K Vaughn 3/01/06
    By Tom Waters
    The author behind some of the comic world's hardest hitting titles spills the beans.

  • Saw's Secret: Interview with Gregg Arce 3/01/06
    By Steve Anderson
    Film maker Greg Arce claims the makers of "Saw" stole his movie. The Video Store Guy, Steve Anderson, investigates.

  • Gregg Sansone 2/01/06
    By Tom Waters
    Buffalo musician Greg Sansone talks with Tom about the nature of addiction, the beauty of music and the endurance of Madonna.

  • Brian Azzerello 12/01/06
    By Tom Waters
    Tom's series of interviews with comic book professionals continues with the man behind "100 Bullets" and "Cage".

  • Normal Consciousness Will Be Resumed: Interview with Mike Carey 11/01/06
    By Tom Waters
    Mike Carey has been delivering inspired stories to the mature comic books market, building on the Sandman characters created by Neil Gaiman. Tom sits him down for a chat.

  • Har Mar Superstar 11/01/05
    By Semone Maksimovic
    Semone gets the fresh funk from the best thing to happen to short stocky bald men since George Costanza.

  • Bret Easton Ellis 10/01/05
    By Tom Waters
    Tom sits down with the controversy courting author of such modern classics as Less than Zero and American Psycho.

  • Lloyd Kaufman 09/01/05
    By Tom Waters
    It's the acid logic interview you've been waiting for! Tom queries the creative madman behind "The Toxic Avenger," "Sgt. Kabukiman" and Troma Films.

  • The Free Design 09/01/05
    By Semone Maksimovic
    Semone questions the leader of the classic rock group now enjoying renewed success.

  • Frank DeLima
    By Deborah Hall
    Frank DeLima, the most recognized practitioner of "Island-style" comedy details his ups and downs and dissects the ethnic joke.

  • Chan-Wook Park
    By Seana Sperling
    Seana talks to the Korean Horror/Suspense director behind Joint Security Area, Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance and the recently released Old Boy.

  • Tricky 12/16/03
    By Semone Maksimovic
    Semone chats up the eclectic multi-talent about music, film, the influence of Prince and working with Harvey Keitel.

  • Kool Keith as the Devastating Reverend Tom 11/16/03
    By Semone Maksimovic
    Do they get any Krazier than Kool Keith? The rap star beams down from the mothership to talk about space age rap and his work with hip hop supergroup, The Undertakerz.

  • Further - Punk Rock Vampires
    By Semone Maksimovic
    AL rock correspondent Semone Maksimovic spreads the gospel on Further, who have just released "PunkRockVampires" on Fierce Panda records.

  • Kiyoshi Kurosawa
    By Seana Sperling
    Japanese horror director Kiyoshi Kurosawa has brought a bold vision to the genre with films like "Cure," and "Seance." He sits down with Seana to talk about his work.

  • Me First and the Gimme Gimmes 10/01/03
    By Semone Maksimovic
    Gasp as Semone speaks to Spike Slawson, lead singer of the best punk rock band cover band in the world. Swoon as he talks about alcohol, juvenile delinquents, alcohol, singing "Hotel California" and alcohol.

  • SPOD 9/01/03
    By Semone Maksimovic
    Somewhere between Devo, Gangsta Rap and King Missile lies Australian synth-pop group SPOD. Semone gets the goods.

  • Nada Surf 8/01/03
    By Semone Maksimovic
    On a fresh New York evening Semone Maksimovic catches up with Ira Elliot of Nada Surf to talk about the new album, being dropped by ex-label Elektra and the pleasures of being taken seriously. 

  • Conrad Keely of ...And You Will Know of by the Trail of Dead 7/01/03
    By Semone Maksimovic
    Semone catches up with multi-instrumentalist of the band that never leaves the stage in one piece, and gets the goods on their new album and the joys of falling in love with a decaying corpse.

  • Nick Littlemore 6/16/03
    By Semone Maksimovic
    Semone talks with the dancemeister from down under who contributes to bands such as Pnau and Lmore.

  • The Teenage Idols 6/01/03
    By Semone Maksimovic
    Semone chats up the newest of the garage rock bands who begin their name with "The." (Hey, whatever happend to "The The?" Their time has come!)

  • Wayno!
    By Wil Fortbis
    Cartoonist and Illustrator Wayno articulates his thoughts on the realities of cartooning, the success of fellow alt-comic vet Dan Clowes' "Ghost World" and the threat of Disneyfication.

  • JG Thirlwell - Foetus, Steroid Maximus, Manorexia
    By Sandra Kay

    Sandra talks to the musical provocateur behind Foetus, Baby Zizane, Steroid Maximus, Manorexia, and DJ Otefsu.

  • And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
    By Semone Maksimovic
    Musical provocateurs ...Trail of Dead discuss their latest tour, the rituals of performance and why UK fans are the craziest fans in the world.

  • John Strysik 10/16/02
    By Wil Forbis
    John Strysik has spent decades in the horror biz, performing such duties as writing and directing the classic Tales From the Darkside TV show and authoring the newly released film Deathbed. He offers his thoughts on the best fright directors, writing on a budget and the screen adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft.

  • Too Much Coffee Man Shannon Wheeler 08/16/02
    By Tom Waters
    The creator of the java fueled Too Much Coffee Man comic/magazine shares his thoughts on bean juice, pushing the envelope, and why panties with cartoon characters are a big seller.

  • Stuart Gordon 08/01/02
    By Wil Forbis
    Stuart Gordon, director of horror classic Re-Animator and newly released Dagon discusses the work of H.P. Lovecraft, the effects of horror films on their viewers and what it takes to be a clever octopus.

  • Jon Elston: A Brief Interview with a Hideous Man 06/16/02
    By Tom Waters
    Tom talks to independent film maker Jon Elston about cutting your teeth in the movie biz and the joys of beating up an 80 year old Christopher Lee.

  • This is not a picture of Jason YungbluthJason Yungbluth, Evil Genius06/01/02
    By Tom Waters
    Jason Yungbluth's Deep Fried comic book is loved by alcoholic clowns, homicidal cyborgs and everyone in between! He stops by the Acid Logic offices for a full evaluation.

  • Peter Murphy 05/16/02
    By J. Kim
    The original dark lord holds forth on his new album, Muslim culture and why Jesus needed a press agent.

  • S.T. Joshi 05/16/02
    By Wil Forbis
    Pulp author H.P. Lovecraft laid the groundwork for modern horror. No one knows him better than author/scholar S.T. Joshi.

  • Achilles Gacis, Stuntman 05/16/02
    By Deborah Hall
    Getting punched, kicked, shot at and blown up is all in a days work for Achilles Gacis, stuntman of Hawaii.

  • Mary Carey: College Girl Gone Wild!!! 05/01/02
    By Tom Waters
    Net spankers take note! Tom probes the mind of adult film star Mary Carey (no, not the one from "Glitter.")

  • John H Richardson 03/01/02
    By Wil Forbis
    The author of the recently released "IN THE LITTLE WORLD: A True Story of Dwarves, Love, and Trouble" stops by to discuss dwarfism, the politics of beauty, and why Randy Newman is a really nice guy.

  • Jerry Stahl 01/01/02
    Jerry StahlBy Wil Forbis
    Jerry Stahl, author of the narco-classic, "Permanent Midnight" and the recently released, "Plainclothes Naked," lets loose on penis size, the great drug films and the King's jewels.

  • I Am Not My DNA: An Interview with George Burdi11/01/01
    George BurdiBy Anthony Passonno
    In one of the most interesting AL interviews yet, George Burdi, founder of Resistance Records and a former White pride advocate, defends his new place in life.

  • Honey Lauren10/16/01
    Honey LaurenBy Wil Forbis
    The star of the new Doris Wishman film, "Satan Was A Lady" talks about playing it straight in camp films, dancing with the Tubes, and how much nudity is too much nudity.

  • Elizabeth Pena 10/16/01
    Elizebeth PenaBy Seana Sperling
    The star of "Lone Star," "Jacob's Ladder" and the new "Tortilla Soup" discusses working with John Sayles and how to beat out Madonna for a part.

  • Mojo Nixon 9/16/01
    Mojo NixonBy Wil Forbis
    The seminal redneck songwriter, radio personality and social critic discusses Evel Knievel, Country Dick, MTV, Ellen DeGeneres, Israel, parenthood, cholesterol, Libertarians and debating Jello Biafra. Yep, it's a mouthful.

  • Eddie Lee Sausage of "Shut Up, Little Man." 8/16/01
    By Wil Forbis
    The co-conspirator if the infamous "Shut Up, Little Man" recordings reflects while looking forward.

  • Curtis Armstrong 8/01/01
    Curtis ArmstrongBy Wil Forbis
    Comedic actor, Curtis Armstrong, star of "Revenge of the Nerds,"" Moonlighting" and the Sci-Fi channel's "The Chronicle," discusses his career and the life of a working thespian.

  • The Great Kat 6/01/01
    Great KatBy Wil Forbis
    Speed Metal Goddess, The Great Kat, wards off annoying interview questions with a flick of her tail... and a whole lot of yelling.

  • Rikki Rockett of Poison 5/15/01
    Rikki RocketBy Wil Forbis
    Wil talks music and philosophy with the drummer/animal rights activist famous for bashing skins in the world reknowned hard rock band, Poison.

  • Marc Siry of Fox Entertainment 5/15/01
    By Pete Moss
    Pete interrogates the Creative Director of the Fox Family Interactive Group about the big entertainment side of cartoons and the world wide web.

  • Kathy Pinckert of the 5/01/01
    By Wil Forbis

    The official spokesperson streaming video site, the Naked News, discusses nudity, the First Amendment, and whether or not we need a naked Dan Rather.

  • Mike Daisey 4/15/01
    Mike DaiseyBy Wil Forbis
    The creator of the popular one man show, "21 Dog Years: Doing Time @" shares his views.

  • Pete Moss Interviews Teller 4/01/01
    By Pete Moss
    Pete Moss and the magician, Teller, chat about the usual stuff like stalkers, the existence of God and Freudianism.

  • Gerald V. Casale of DEVO 3/01/01
    By Wil Forbis
    This is a big one, folks. Pop icon, Gerald V. Casale, talks about De-evolution, watching the Kent State Massacre, and life in the world's most interesting rock band.

  • Marceline Smith from 2/01/01
    By Wil Forbis
    Marceline Smith has been chiseling away in the world of paper and web zines for years. We get her thoughts on such subjects as zine publishing, the Scottish music scene and what it takes to be a Pokemon master.

  • Interview with Amanda Forbis, Part 2 12/31/00
    By Seana Sperling
    In part 2 of this interview, Oscar nominated animator Amanda Forbis talks about film making technique and "transcendent moments in the lives of chickens."

  • Interview With Amanda Forbis 11/15/00
    By Seana Sperling

    Oscar nominated filmmaker Amanda Forbis ponders such subjects as the state of animation, chance meetings with Robin Williams and Q-Tips.

  • Joe O'Malley of 12/1/00
    By Wil Forbis
    The Acid Logic "comic theme issue" hits the stands, starting off with a sterling discussion of the upcoming Spider-Man film.
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