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For a long time, the old explanation of what Acid Logic was (see below) sat around probably doing more harm than good. Though it serves as an ideal reminder of this site's roots, it's somewhat disingenuous as well. Acid Logic is a wild and crazy webzine, updated every two week with wacky, humorous content, as well as more sane and introspective offerings. Acid Logic also has Acid Radio a collection of steaming audio bits and pieces. If you're interested in submitting content to Acid Logic, look around the site, get a feel for the flavor and email the editor, Wil Forbis.

Old Explanation:
Acid Logic started as a column in a now defunct web-zine called Twisted Underground. The premise was to focus on more off-the-cuff, free form style writing, compositions that had the freedom to jump subjects indiscriminately and emulate the stream of consciousness thought process often heightened by psychedelics such as Ďacid.í (Though I, of course, have never experimented with such drugs and wholeheartedly condemn their use.) Whether Iíve succeeded is debatable. In truth Iíve never really had a liking for fringe writers such as Burroughs, Bukowski or Ken Kessey, who's writing style would probably be more deserving of the title ĎAcid Logic.í But I am a fan of conversational writing, writing that feels like an old friend talking with you, and that's what Iíve gone for with this web-zine. I want you to think of me as an old friend (Granted, an old friend that would steal your stereo system and have sex with your mother, but an old friend nonetheless.)

At first, I planned to only use Acid Logic as an extension of my main domain,, but lately Acid Logic has been evolving out onto its own, and become its own entity. As such, Iím starting to include other writers in the "Features" and "Fiction" sections, though the columns will remain exclusively mine. Iím fairly particular about what foreign material Iíd publish here, itís not so much a matter of being good as much as being interesting and more so, funny. If you have any interest, drop me a line at

Wil Forbis