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Were the 1980s the Last Decade of Truly Original Music?
By Wil Forbis
For most of the 20th century it seemed like each decade had a distinct flavor of pop music. When did this phenomenon come to an end?

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MM: Trilogy of Terror
By John Saleeby
Karen Black may have starred in this 1970s horror romp but the breakout performance was delivered by the Little African Devil Doll!

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Choosing China: Families Across Time
By Patricia Stirling
Patricia reflects on her time spent in a country that will almost certainly be a dominant player in the coming century.
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Irish Pt. 39
By Pete Moss
The inhibitants of Pete's ongoing serial contemplate domesticity and the use of social media.
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Reel Advice: Suspension
By Steve Anderson
Steve spies the DNA of other recent flicks in this slasher/thriller but nonetheless feels it can stand on its own.
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