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“Aw, Dave, Give Me A Break”
By John Saleeby
Saleeby contemplates the now unearthed David Lee Roth penned comedy movie script. The only thing missing is a talking cartoon dog!

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Reconsidering Cultural Appropriation
By Wil Forbis
Did Elvis and the Stones steal the blues? Can white boys play reggae? Let us pontificate on these perplexing questions.

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Irish Pt. 40
By Pete Moss
Hankering for a Scrabble rematch, the team finds themselves on the streets of San Francisco where old friends abound.
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Reel Advice: Bastard
By Steve Anderson
In Steve's latest horror flick review it's serial killers versus serial killers with a little incest thrown in for good measure.
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David Lee Roth is Crazy!

Discover the lost comedy of David Lee Roth!




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