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  • Irish Pt. 56
    By Pete Moss
    Two characters confront the mysterious Pete Moss in this work of fiction by author... Pete Moss?

  • Irish Pt. 55
    By Pete Moss
    The source of a mysterious assassination attempt is revealed as Pete's SOCAL thriller continues.

  • Irish Pt. 54
    By Pete Moss
    Things take a turn towards the trepidatious as real life people continue to interact with Pete's fictional characters.

  • Irish Pt. 53
    By Pete Moss
    The meta narrative continues as Pete's ongoing drama merges with the real world.

  • Irish Pt. 52
    By Pete Moss
    The meta narrative continues as Pete's ongoing drama merges with the real world.

  • Irish Pt. 51
    By Pete Moss
    Cue the fireworks and Champagne! Pete's ongoing California serial hits the big time with its 50th episode

  • Irish Pt. 50
    By Pete Moss
    Cue the fireworks and Champagne! Pete's ongoing California serial hits the big time with its 50th episode.

  • Irish Pt. 49 
    By Pete Moss 
    The team have taken up immigrant smuggling as things heat up in Pete's tale of California adventure.

  • Irish Pt. 48
    By Pete Moss
    Suddenly the team are faced with hiding a stowaway as Pete's Scrabble-infused fictional adventure takes another turn.

  • Irish Pt. 47
    By Pete Moss
    Surrounded by drizzling weather, the team settles into a listless malaise. Until a mysterious stranger shows up.

  • Irish Pt. 46
    By Pete Moss
    Chaos ensues at a big money Scrabble match in Pete's continuing urban soap opera.

  • Irish Pt. 45
    By Pete Moss
    Pete's story continues as the Scrabble playing protagonists set up for a match with a mysterious new character.

  • Irish Pt. 44
    By Pete Moss
    It's a night out for a show with the San Diego based protagonists of Pete's modern urban adventure.

  • Irish Pt. 43
    By Pete Moss
    Romance blooms in Pete's fictional universe as the team prepares for a night of Pere Ubu

  • Irish Pt. 42
    By Pete Moss
    The characters in Pete Moss' story continue having unusual interactions with a new friend. A friend named Pete Moss.

  • Irish Pt. 41
    By Pete Moss
    As the team returns to San Francisco, tense Scrabble activities occur. And watch out for a surprise guest!

  • Irish Pt. 40
    By Pete Moss
    Hankering for a Scrabble rematch, the team finds themselves on the streets of San Francisco where old friends abound.

  • Irish Pt. 39
    By Pete Moss
    The inhibitants of Pete's ongoing serial contemplate domesticity and the use of social media.

  • Irish pt. 38
    By Pete Moss
    The characters are moving up to the west side (La Jolla, California that is) in Pete's continuing California adventure.

    Irish pt. 37 
    By Pete Moss 
    In this fictional tale, the Scrabble wars are beginning to heat up. But an entrance by the police takes things for a turn.

  • Irish pt. 36
    By Pete Moss
    The stakes get serious as Scrabble's Balboa and Creed line up a match in our continuing tale of southern California savagery.

  • Irish pt. 35
    By Pete Moss
    Tense gender relations simmer as the team relaxes after their Scrabble win.

  • Irish pt. 34
    By Pete Moss
    The details of our story in progress return to the capable hands of Pedro, canine narrator.

  • Irish pt. 33
    By Pete Moss
    Our adventurous team gets front row seats to a competitive Scrabble tournament.

  • Irish pt. 32
    By Pete Moss
    Get to know Ramona, the most recent entrant in Pete's tale of California wandering.

  • Irish pt. 31
    By Pete Moss
    Ensconced in San Diego, our team contemplates entering the world of competitive street Scrabble. What could go wrong?

  • Irish pt. 30
    By Pete Moss
    The team settles into San Diego and digs into the mysterious past of their Scrabble playing benefactor.

  • Irish pt. 29
    By Pete Moss
    Is there big money to be made playing Scrabble in San Diego? Pete's fictional protagonists have their suspicions.

  • Irish pt. 28
    By Pete Moss
    With a gun waving madman behind them, the team makes the move to sunny San Diego.

  • Irish pt. 27
    By Pete Moss
    Both human and pet protagonists prepare for a big move in Pete's tale of Southern California adventure.

  • Irish pt. 26
    By Pete Moss
    Pedro the talking canine collects his thoughts while our human protagonists contemplate a move down the west coast.

  • Irish pt. 25
    By Pete Moss
    Further threats and violence cause our hero to rethink his plans. And location.

  • Flash Mob
    By Brian Bosen
    In an urban coffeshop, a robbery is taking place. But no one can predict what happens next.

  • Irish Pt. 24
    By Pete Moss
    Did you feel that one talking dog wasn't enough for Pete's urban adventure? Pedro, the conversational canine, makes a few friends.

  • Irish Pt. 23
    By Pete Moss
    After their freeway skirmish, our protagonists attempt to replace a broken windshield. This leads them to a friend from Dragen's past.

  • Irish Pt. 22
    By Pete Moss
    We return to the dog's eye view as Pedro, canine companion in Pete's adventure, takes to the streets and goes on the prowl.

  • Irish Pt. 21
    By Pete Moss
    Things get action packed on the San Francisco freeway in Pete's tale of streetwise intrigue.

  • Irish Pt. 20
    By Pete Moss
    The neighbors surrounding Pete's collection of eccentric heroes are starting to take a dim view of things.

  • Irish Pt. 19
    By Pete Moss
    Pete's urban adventure again pauses to give a dog's-eye view of the world.

  • Irish Pt. 18
    By Pete Moss
    In Pete's San Francisco based tale of urban adventure an old frenemy shows up with an interesting offer.

  • Irish Pt. 17
    By Pete Moss
    In this continuing, fictional narrative, Pete and his girlfriend decide to fight for their beleaguered homestead. But strange new guests add an element of mystery.

  • Irish Pt. 16
    By Pete Moss
    Trapped in a bar, Pete and his new flame find themselves face to face with an old acquaintance who may not have the best of intentions.

  • Irish Pt. 15
    By Pete Moss
    Pete's protagonist takes his P.I. companion, Spela, on a tour of San Francisco's affordable delights in a purported search for a former girlfriend.

  • Irish Pt. 14
    By Pete Moss
    Pete and company hunker down and wait for an assault. Again, it's their canine companion, Pedro, who saves the day.

  • Irish Pt. 13
    By Pete Moss
    Our protagonist gives up life on the streets but discovers that house living is not without its dangers.

  • Irish Pt. 12
    By Pete Moss
    New friends are made and old friends rediscovered as Pete's fictional protagonist gets a dire warning.

  • Irish Pt. 11
    By Pete Moss
    Pedro, canine protagonist in Pete's tale of sordid San Francisco, proves his worth once again.

  • Irish Pt. 10
    By Pete Moss
    Pete's tale of intrigue pauses to provide the dog's eye view of the story. And our protagonist crosses paths with the law... again.

  • Irish Pt. 9
    By Pete Moss
    As trouble circles, our protagonist goes into hiding. Soon he's pleasently surprised to find some romatic distraction.

  • Irish Pt. 8
    By Pete Moss
    Pete's tale of urban woe continues as our protagonist, facing a murder charge, is released from jail and begins plotting with his lawyer.

  • Irish Pt. 7
    By Pete Moss
    Returning from Ireland, our protagonist stumbles into a most unwelcome situation: the death of a friend and accusations of murder.

  • Irish Pt. 6
    By Pete Moss
    The search for a friend takes our protagonist on a trip to Ireland. Why does he end up in a Starbucks?

  • Family Pt. 30
    By Pete Moss
    The tale of Hollister McElroy comes to an end as Pete's epic tale of Southern California adventurism concludes.

  • Irish Pt. V
    By Pete Moss
    Pete Mossotti has settled into a comfortable life. Will potential real estate shenanigans upset his life?

  • Family Pt. 29
    By Pete Moss
    The ongoing fiction drama continues. After the fire, Hollister assesses the damage done. He's down on his luck until a new opportunity arrives.

  • Irish Pt. IV
    By Pete Moss
    After time on the streets, Pete Mossotti is back in a comfortable home. Will unwelcome house guests ruin his peace?

  • Family Pt. 28
    By Pete Moss
    Pete's "Family" epic returns and finds his protagonist engaged in an oddball dinner party. Then things start to heat up.

  • Irish pt. III
    By Pete Moss
    A visit to see the ailing relative of a friend turns tragic in Pete's newest tale of city life.

  • Irish pt. II
    By Pete Moss
    Pete's streetwise narrator continues to reflect on events of life and death.

  • Irish
    By Pete Moss
    For a protagonist living in a van, a friend's bad luck may lead to life changes. (Pete's Family series will return soon.)

  • Family Pt. 27
    By Pete Moss
    Life takes a turn for the weird when Hollister's bride's internet cooking show attracts an oddball assortment of fans.

  • Family Pt. 26
    By Pete Moss
    Ensconced in Los Angeles, Hollister settles into domestic bliss. But will he die of boredom?

  • Family Pt. 25
    By Pete Moss
    Holister and his young bride engage in the most nefarious part of domestic life: the dinner party.

  • Family Pt. 24
    By Pete Moss
    On his return to Los Angeles, Hollister finds himself in an odd state of domesticate bliss. How long can it last?

  • Family Pt. 23
    By Pete Moss
    Tech millionaires and down-and-outers cross paths in Pete's tale of the west coast underground.

  • Family Pt. 22
    By Pete Moss
    Is Hollister on the brink of making another disastrous decision? Pete's tale of California living and loving continues.

  • Family Pt. 21
    By Pete Moss
    Job hunting is not going well for Hollister, protagonist in Pete's urban fiction. But fortunately booze and food are plentiful.

  • Family Pt. 20
    By Pete Moss
    Hollister, protagonist in Pete's urban tale, contemplates fatherhood.

  • Family Pt. XIX
    By Pete Moss
    Family matters take hold in the life of Hollister McElroy, the protagonist in Pete's tale of Southern Californian love and death.

  • Family Pt. XVIII
    By Pete Moss
    Holister absorbs the appearence of a new father figure and contemplates a return to Los Angeles.

  • Family Pt. XVII
    By Pete Moss
    In Pete's tale of sordid San Francisco, protagonist Hollister receives successive jolts of shocking news.

  • Family Part XVI
    By Pete Moss
    Having seemingly dodged a bullet, the lead character in Pete's fictional story returns to his previous life. But the law is never far behind.

  • Family Part XV
    By Pete Moss
    This is it. Hollister, Pete's protagonist from the underbelly of California, crosses a line.

  • Family Part XIV
    By Pete Moss
    Hollister, the protagonist in Pete's tale of California debauchery, may be getting in too deep.

  • Family Part XIII
    By Pete Moss
    The dark past of a new friend is revealed as our protagonist stands on the precipice of of an adventure fraught with danger. Pete's tale of the underbelly of San Francisco continues.

  • Family Part XII
    By Pete Moss
    Pete's tale of California living continues and his bemused lead chracter finds that a job as a driver comes with unexpected, and pleasurable, fringe benefits.

  • Family Part XI
    By Pete Moss
    Pete's Packard driving protagonist is cast out onto the cruel streets of San Francisco. There he is aided by a character readers will, ummm... find familiar.

  • Family Part X
    By Pete Moss
    A scion of Hollywood makes an appearance in Pete's piece of LA Noir. And more familial mystery is revealed.

  • Family Part IX
    By Pete Moss
    The protagonist of Pete's tale of family intrigue experiences violent upheavals over the course of several years.

  • Family Part VIII
    By Pete Moss
    Mystery and disappointment permeate the latest chapter in Pete's Los Angeles mythos.

  • The Courier Bandit and Other Tales Part VII
    By Pete Moss
    Death and madness descend upon the inhabitants of Pete's urban underworld.

  • The Courier Bandit and Other Tales Part VI
    By Pete Moss
    Pete's stories continue.

  • The Courier Bandit and Other Tales Part V
    By Pete Moss
    In the latest installment of Pete's parallel serials, a prostitute finds her mark while a vagabond youth continues to uncover his past.

  • The Dance of the Quarks
    By Wil Forbis
    In the near future, a group of hypersensitive robots are created to judge the artistic abilities of mankind. But do they see something humans will never see?

  • The Courier Bandit and Other Tales Part IV
    By Pete Moss
    Burned-out cops, twisted sex and young love! Pete's two serial stories have it all!

  • Butterflies in My Stomach
    By Wil Forbis
    On the verge of proposing marriage, our protagonist finds himself wracked with anxiety. But what is disturbing him may be more than a simple case of nerves.

  • The Courier Bandit and Other Tales Part III
    By Pete Moss
    Pete's parallel tales of the dark life continue.

  • The Courier Bandit and Other Tales Part II
    By Pete Moss
    The plot thickens in Pete's tale of sexual debauchery. Meanwhile, his accompanying story about the fallout from familial dysfunction breathes a wistful sigh.

  • The Courier Bandit and Other Tales
    By Pete Moss
    Pete offers three pieces of flash fiction tackling love, crime and the secrets of the past.

  • How I Became a Gun Owner
    By Pete Moss
    In a piece of short, comic fiction, a befuddled cabdriver is bullied into purchasing a firearm.

  • The Bel Canto Brogue
    By Wil Forbis
    As a snowy night settles in on a quiet Idaho town, a famed opera singer reveals his greatest secret.

  • One Night in Mekkalin
    By Johnny Apocalypse
    Johnny gives a hilarious play-by-play of a Dungeons & Dragons game, both from the perspective of the characters and the players.

  • Shears
    By David Alan Richards
    After a night with his excitable girlfriend turns twisted, Henry is forced to wonder whether he will survive with his manhood intact.

  • Vigilante From Behind
    By Johnny Apocalypse
    A new superhero is stalking the criminal underworld, extracting a very unique form of justice.

  • Couch
    By Johnny ApocalypseWho's behind the mysterious couch switching epidemic? And what do they want?

  • Struthioticus: King of the Birds
    By Johnny Apocalypse
    In a comic tale that would make Godzilla turn pink, a giant ostrich attacks America.

  • A Deal With the Devil
    By Rob Rosen
    After having broken nine of the ten commandments, John finds himself caught in the mind games between God and Satan.

  • On Reprieve Lacking my Joie de Vivre
    By Brandon Brown
    Acid Logic debut author Brandon Brown offers up a tale of dramatic college nights.

  • Murdering Rhymes
    By Rob Rosen
    Detective Hickory Dock has a new case! Who pushed Jack down the hill?!

  • The Parish Hill Slasher Pruner
    By Wil Forbis
    Serial Killer John Doe is terrorizing the neighborhood of Parish Hill. So why are its citizens cheering him on?

  • To Watch The Leaves Blow By
    By Jon Gagas
    Jon's newest fiction contribution moves along smoothly - until the characters start talking back to the author.

  • The Prophet Cometh  
    By Johnny ApocalypseJustin Taggart, enemy of the enigmatical returns to face a new adventure. And have a second thermos of coffee.

  • The Case of the Missing Daughter
    By Johnny ApocalypseIn this comedy-noir short story Johnny introduces Tyler Drake, a detective who likes to smoke, drink and hit people with chairs.

  • The Uprising in Building Three
    By Johnny Apocalypse
    Hunger for the lastest adventures of Johnny's protagonist, security guard, Justin Taggart? Hunger no more.

  • Beatles 2528
    By Wil Forbis
    Foraging for some fan fiction about the fab four of the future? Forage no further.

  • Porno for the Lord
    By Rob Rosen
    Rob Rosen returns to offer a tale of an actress with ample assets who decides to disrobe for a higher cause.

  • The Dance Contest of Building One
    By Johnny ApocalypseThe adventures continue for Jason Taggart, ghost fighter, demon slayer and underpaid security goon.

  • Goblins, Demons and a Dash of Grass
    By Johnny ApocalypseJason Taggart, Johnny's protagonist of cannabis, returns for more adventures in the realm of the supernatural.

  • A Ghost and the Devil's Weed
    By Johnny ApocalypseWhat happens when you mix the ectoplasmic with illicit substances? A serious case of the jibblies!

  • 20/20
    By Rob Rosen
    After getting his vision repaired via surgey Rob's protagonist discovers he can now see more than he ever thought possible.

  • Have it Your Way
    By Rob Rosen
    Action, romance and cheeseburgers! Junior Burger King employees Jerry and Suzie have to ward off a burger burglar and their only weapons are the toys from the Spider-Man Happy meal.

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Pt XX
    By Wil Forbis
    The Acid Logic serial novella concludes. Reginald Washington must face his sins and the Federal Government tries to sort out exactly what happened in the quiet town of Honey Bluff.

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Pt XIX
    By Wil Forbis
    Reginald Washington and his commandos invade the grounds of their twisted experiment. But the town of Honey Bluff still has a few surprises in store.

  • Total World Domination
    By Rob Rosen
    What's the secret behind the onslaught of Starbucks franchises worldwide. We can tell you... but then we'll have to kill you.
  • The Magic Gumball Machine Pt XVII
    By Wil Forbis
    Tom Humphries returns to where it all began and unlocks the terrible secret of the Magic Gumball Machine.

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part XVI
    By Wil Forbis
    Tom continues to unravel the mystery of the plague visited upon his town and comes face to face with the friend who betrayed him.
  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part XV
    By Wil Forbis
    Tom Humphries awakens and discovers an old friend. And new enemies.
  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part XIV
    By Wil Forbis
    Tom Humphries and gang face their greatest scare of the night. But will everyone live to see tomorrow?

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part XIII
    By Wil Forbis
    Tom Humphries and company find their attempts at escape blocked off as the Acid Logic serialized novella continues.

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part XII
    By Wil Forbis
    The group plans to get out of town in the latest episode of the Acid Logic serialized novella.
  • Down at the Pub
    By Sean C Tarry
    Sean pays fictional homage to the drinking buddy from hell.

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part XI
    By Wil Forbis
    Tom Humphries falls into the depths of the Honey Bluff swamp as our serialized horror novella carries on.
  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part X
    By Wil Forbis
    Running for their lives, Tom and gang run into their most fearsome foe yet: teenagers! Our serialized novella continues. 

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part IX
    By Wil Forbis
    The Acid Logic serialized novella returns as Reginald Washington confesses to the horrors in his past and explains the real reason he's arrived in the little town of Honey Bluff.

  • A Transaction
    By Yakob Peterseil
    Yearning for fiction but don't have the time? Yakob's short story is just what you need.

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part VIII
    By Wil Forbis
    More gore, more violence and now with an added helping of perverse sexuality! The acid logic novella continues.

  • The Ikea Paradox
    By Rob Rosen
    "Some Assembly required?" Be afraid. Be very afraid!

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part VII
    By Wil Forbis
    Tom Humphries continues his struggle to find out what misfortune has befallen the town of Honey Bluff. But is he too late to save some of his closest friends?

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part VI
    By Wil Forbis
    Mysteries are solved and secrets are revealed in the newest installment of the acid logic serialized novella. Plus, an impossible visit from an old friend!

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part V
    By Wil Forbis
    In our ongoing serialized novella, the hunt continues for the missing residents of Honey Bluff.

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part IV
    By Wil Forbis
    In the fourth episode of the Acid Logic serialized novella, things go from bad to worse. During the wake of Timmy Thompson's death two citizens of Honey Bluff disappear into thin air.

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part III
    By Wil Forbis
    Acid Logic's serialized novella continues. In this third installment, the gumball machine seems to be responsible for a miracle. And then...

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part II
    By Wil Forbis
    In Part II of the newly launched Acid Logic serial novella, financial disaster begins to close in on ice cream shopkeeper, Tom Humphries, and a secretive hitchhiker runs afoul of the law.

  • The Magic Gumball Machine Part 1
    By Wil Forbis
    Acid Logic proudly presents its first serialized novella. In this kickoff episode, a mysterious stranger bequeaths an exotic gumball machine to beleaguered ice cream shop owner, Tom Humphries. Little does Tom know that it will change his life in ways unimagined.

  • Psychopathic Daydream: a Halloween Rant
    By Cody Wayne
    Cody's mind wanders in the classroom and he pontificates the power of the axe!

  • "the birds and the bees"
    By Adam Lewis
    What's worse than having your parents explain what sex is? Having them show you.

  • Coffee and Bullets
    By Wil Forbis
    Come explore the sensitive side of Acid Logic in this romantic melodrama. Campbell and Linda think their relationship has come to an end. But the night has other plans.

  • JFK
    By Pete Moss
    Pete returns with a dandy of a story containing all the necessary elements: cops, family dysfunction, drug abuse and a mysterious corpse.

  • In the Key of Fuschia Minor
    By Jonathon Gagas
    Jonathon takes a fictional look at the dilemma of art versus commerce and the public that can't seem to tell the difference.

  • Roach in the Walls
    By Chris Kassel
    Chris Kassel's fiction is also a delicious combination of dark humor and the grotesque. He returns to our pages with a story detailing a day in the life of the Antichrist. It's not everything you thought it would be.

  • Payback
    By James L. Jones
    "My nameís Jim. Iím part of a bigger effort to catch this guy Tom.† We (Spirit Patrol B) go out every Saturday night in groups of three trying to catch Tom.† If itís not Tom, then itís some other spirit-thing thatís gone awry."

  • The Mentals
    By Zaak Fresh
    Zaak Fresh returns to offer a slapstick adventure in the flavor of "The Stupids," "The Nimrods," "The Retards" and every other American family.

  • Side Effects
    By Chris Kassel
    The furious onset of a Richter-scale gut cramp doubled him up. A thin stream of projectile vomit spattered against the seepy wall, scurrying the roaches. "Help me..." he moaned.

    By Wil Forbis
    Lorenzo was able to pique my interest on a cool December evening when he came in talking about his newest Internet source: ďItís a fucking crazy site eseí,Ē he informed me. "Itís some real life bitch who sets up a camera in her apartment and she walks around naked all the time."

  • The Ticket
    By Kurt Kitasaki
    I picked up my cell-phone to call the lottery claims office. ďListen, I won the 240 million dollar jackpot, but there seems to be a slight problem. I lost the ticket. Would you accept my word that I bought the ticket?Ē I heard the employee scream with laughter.

  • Co-Worker Jargon
    By DeLeon DeMicoli
    "Picture Trina sitting on top of me, with all her huge mass, slamming the back of my head into the car door. Picture me trying to yell, but being unable because her boobs covered my whole face as she leaned into me and rammed my head against the door like a hammer."

  • Cuban Term Paper Crisis
    By Kurt Kitasaki
    "I never assumed landing a plane on Fidel Castro's oceanfront mansion would've kept me from being expelled from college."

  • Peggie
    By Robert Levin
    "Proceeding from the theory that by sleeping with a representative of every kind of female body, and every category of appearance, I would come, in effect, to know all women, I believed that such an accomplishment would be good for my writing."

  • The French Loaf Trumps All
    By Keith O'Brien
    Hetero, gay, bi.... It's hard to keep it "straight" in Keith's comical soap opera documenting the modern hook up.

  • Gygamino
    By Keith O'Brien
    What's a five-headed monster who loves Whitney Houston gotta do to get a break?

  • The Waiter
    By Kurt Kitasaki
    At first, Kurt's new work of fiction may simply seem like a mean-spirited attack on the French. But as if that's not enough, it's also a profound piece of social satire.

  • Planet Zebra
    By Pete Moss
    In this fictional sci-fi piece, Abdul Steinberg has to determine whether the creatures inhabiting his space station are real or the result of his crewmen's amphetamine induced mental state.

  • The Seventh Inning Stretch
    By Kurt Kitasaki
    Mr. Kitasaki returns to our pages, this time offering a satiric sendup of professional baseball.

  • The Punchbuggy
    By Sean Mcbride
    Sean explains why his new car gives him the right to punch Reese Witherspoon in her fat, sweaty face!

  • The Nova
    By Kurt Kitasaki
    Everyone always criticizes the CEO who puts profits before of people. Isn't it time we heard his side of the story?

  • Daddy Warrant
    By Pete Moss

    Pete details the adventures of Marcus, the best paper server in Los Angeles, who is hired by his mother to serve a warrant to an ex golf pro - his own father.

  • Zod's Version
    By Gary Sloan
    In this sci-fi comedy, Gary reveals the meaning of the universe.

  • The Tale Of The Celebrated Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County
    By Max Burbank

    Max updates the classic Mark Twain fable with enough horse sex and illicit substances to shake a drunken canary at.

  • Promiscuous Pam
    By Dan Seymour
    "Promiscuous Pam dabbed at the dotted beads of sweat sneaking through her pores, at least the ones exposed by her bright, red, skimpy bikini."

  • The Donkey
    By Rob Pooley
    Rob Pooley returns to the realm of Acid Logic.

  • palace in the sky
    By Rob Pooley
    Pooley transcribes his fictional ruminations on subjects like life, death, and soft core pornography films starring Dana Plato.

  • pureprayerwishdreamepureprayerwishdream
    By Timothy M. Leonard

    Yes, he killed her.

  • Untitled
    By Conrad Keely
    A quasi-fictional account of riding the subway and contemplating man's place in the universe.

  • The Suckiest Superhero in the World
    By Wil Forbis
    Most comic book heroes are noble folk who love freedom, justice, etc... This story is about one who's a real prick.
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