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Irish pt. IXX

By Pete Moss


I'm bored.

I'm not a stick chasing dog. Not really all that social. I don't need a bunch of other dogs around like my pack.

I've known dogs like that. Couldn't go anywhere or do anything without a bunch of other dogs around.

I'm not like that.

I can make do with humans. Humans will feed you. And feed you good. Give you a nice warm dry place to sleep.

Best of all, take you in the car.

Going in the car is such a fantastic thing. All these smells washing over flowing by. An epic of everything going on in the world rushing into your brain through your nose.

I suppose it's something like that for humans when they watch that TV with their eyes.

I've known a few dogs who claim they liked TV, even 'got' it.

But they were liars. They liked loafing around with their humans on the couch. Endless snacks. And then feeding off the eomtional energy of the humans as the humans react to whatever is on the TV.

I am bored.

And now YoYo is back.

Well I lived with YoYo for as long as I can remember.

Mostly it was good but when it was bad it was very bad.

I don't know why YoYo is back. So far if the humans were dogs they'd be sniffing each others butts.

But I already know who the alphas are. It's Pete and Spela. Though YoYo wants to be alpha.

But humans aren't necessarily as clear about who's the alpha. That's why humans can be so destructive. When it's a close race and the loser won't concede.

Dogs are much more efficient.

I like David and Jonathan. I have to admit it was fun hanging around with them when they watched that football on TV.

The emotional energy was pretty endearing. Especially when their team won. But even when their team lost I enjoyed cheering them up.

Dogs play sports too you know.

OK. The humans seem to be done barking at each other.

Things are settling. They're talking.

That was a little less boring.

I wish I could talk human. I could tell them to stop hiding. Hiding is what prey does. They need to get out and hunt down the predator.