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Acid Logic Web Logs
The following web logs (code name: blogs) are maintained by contributors, friends or sworn enemies of Acid Logic.

The Wil Forbis Blog - by Wil Forbis
A delightful excursion into the mind of Acid Logic creator Wil Forbis, this web log offers meandering discussions on the world of popular culture, politics, the meaning of life and the pain of modern existence.

Big Words I Know by Heart by Tom Waters
East Coast acid logic author Tom Waters penetrates the blogosphere with his cyber-screeds.

Lobsters1 - The John Saleeby Blog
John lets loose with more of the distinctive comedy style America has grown to love!

Archived Blogs

Bona Notabilia by Tarryn
New disturbing musings from AL's British correspondent.

Piss and Vinegar - The Blog of Pete Moss
Pete Moss makes home in a world few dare tread. A place of classic motorcycles, celebrity hobnobbing, drug fueled ruminations and an endless love affair with female genitalia. Come join him for a while...

London Crawling by Tarryn Stewart
Immerse yourself in tales from across the Atlantic as Tarryn recounts her adventures while offering helpful advice and magical incantations. Now Archived.

The Strange World of John Saleeby
Now archived, this blog's wisdom is being preserved for the masses.

Jihad Against Cowardice- by Wil Forbis
A Defense of Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect.

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The OddBloggers Web Ring focuses on blogs that stay off the beaten path. By clicking on the various symbols within the title you will magically be transported to one of the many web logs contained within the OddBloggers Web Ring.


Warning: As Easy-E once said, "If you can't deal with the size, parental discretion is advised!" This means if you offend easily or have parents who freak out a lot, don't read this stuff*. Or at the very least, don't read it and then complain that it pissed you off.

*I'm quite aware that by saying this I've assured that you will indeed read this stuff, but I really only say it as a vague attempt to grab some sort of legal protection after you spazz out and kill 79 people and then say Acid Logic made you do it.

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