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Hot damn, be the first on your block to start a collection of Acid Logic Bumper Stickers! Each one is priced at $2.50 American dollars, and all proceeds are pumped back into making Acid Logic and even more entertaining place for you, the loyal, sensitive Acid Logic reader.

All shopping cart and credit card functionality is carried out by the good people at Pay Pay, the most popular online pay service in the universe. To order a product, click the "Add to Cart" logo, and a new page will pop up containing your shopping cart. When you are ready, click the "Checkout" button on that page. A new page will load in. If you have already signed up for Pay Pal it will backfill your information. If not, you will be asked to engage in their brief and painless signup process. You will note that your order is paid to the email address, "". Do not be alarmed, this is the email for Wil Forbis, Acid Logic publisher. A more kind and gentle soul has never been.

Bumperstickers are standard bumpersticker size, whatever that is. Orders are shipped twice a week, usually Tuesday and Saturday.

At the current time we can't accept orders from customers outside the United States and Canada. Once the US has taken over the world we will accept your orders. (Or possibly before if we can figure out a few shipping procedures.)





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