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Ironic Times - Funny work from comedic stalwarts.

Wayno - Cartoonist and commercial illustrator, extrordinaire.

House of Horrors - Generally fun site on big-wig horror directors.

Sexy Losers - Holy fuck! This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. If you don't think cartoon illustrations of masturbation and sex with dead people is funny, then you probably won't enjoy this site. But you should be ashamed with yourself. (Warning: Adult Content.)

Deep Fried Comic Book - Jason Yungbluth's perversions of all that is good and true.

Gallery of Regrettable Food - A look back on recipe mistakes of the past.

Comic Book Fonts - Dis-amn! A complete collection of fonts in the style of your fav comic books. Now your life is complete! - A web zine in the vein of Acid Logic - Personal essays mixed with humor.

The Morning News - A distinguished web zine filled with mirth.

The Honey Lauren page - the delightful actress who was interviewed by Acid Logic has her own web page. A must for Honey-o-philes.

The Iconophile - Interesting site featuring bios of lesser known female celebrities.

The DIALECTIZER - As Tracy Morgan would say, "This thing is hiLARious!" It converts any web page into a variety of dialects like "Redneck," "Jive" and "Elmer Fudd."

Bad Azz Mofo - The online version is only a skeleton of the print version of this magazine, but should be enough to give you a taste and make you want to order a copy. A delightfully opinionated look at pop culture. (Sound familiar?) - I had the pleasure of observing Mike's "milk-out-the-nose" inducing comedy with the excellent Seattle sketch comedy group, Up In Your Grill. He's now working his way to a lawsuit with a one man show parodying life in the trenches of And you can download the whole fuckin' thing off his site! - A delightful and like minded comedy site. They also have a series of web cams babes so ravishing I'm inclined to forget all about the warnings of my probation officer.

Britney Spears' Guide to Semiconductor Physics - Yeah, this is good for a laugh.

The Electric Big Bang Swing Machine - This is what would've happened if Calvin and Hobbes were birthed on the web. An amusing, artistic and entirely unpretentious site.

Diskant - I've wasted too many hours of my life surfing through this site, a collection of e-zines from the UK. You should too. - Like dwarves? Like pictures of dwarves fondling naked women? Of course you do. And it's all here. (Note: People who don't like pictures of dwarves fondling naked women are commies.

And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead - Sonic Youth style band moving up in the world of rock and roll. Singer/guitarist/drummer Conrad Keely is an AC contributor. - FTM is our parent site, containing the writing, music, and artwork of Acid Logic creator, Wil Forbis.

Russian Women, Inc. - Attractive Sexy Russian Women from Russian Women, Inc - the name you've come to trust in white slavery.

Links are posted by Wil Forbis.