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Irish pt. XVIII

By Pete Moss


Then there's a knock on the door.

Yakuza stops pedaling. Dragen grabs his Tommy gun and I snatch a pistol. Grigori shouts from the kitchen. Spela grabs a pistol.

We position ourselves to cover the door. Grigori shouts he has the back covered.

"It's me, YoYo. Lemme in!!!"

I look at Dragen. Dragen looks at Spela. Spela looks at me.

"Whatchou want YoYo?" I shout.

"Lemme in. I ain't gonna stand out here shouting like a fool through some scrap 'a wood."

I look at Spela and nod. Dragen and I point our weapons. Spela goes and opens the door.

YoYo is standing there.

"Hurry up and get inside!!" shouts Spela.

"What the fuck??" I shout.

YoYo's bodyguards put their hands up. "Don't nobody start shootin'," they shout.

"What's going on around here??" says YoYo. "You guys in some kind of war?"

"Get down on the floor!!!" shouts Dragen. "Keep your hands up!!!"

YoYos cousins manage to get down on the floor while keeping their hands up. Not easily performed gracefully, unless you've had practice, which they obviously have.

"What the fuck you doing here??" I yell at YoYo. "Why you bringing these thugs around??"

"They ain't thugs!!! They my cousins Johnathan and David."

"Not LaQuan and DuMarius?" says Spela, snidely.

"Fuck you, Ruskie," says YoYo.

"I told you never call me Russian, nigger bitch!!" yells Spela and I think she's about to shoot YoYo.

"Can't we all just get along?" says one of the guys on the ground.

"So what you doing here?" I yell at YoYo.

"We got evicted," says YoYo, sheepishly.

"You got evicted?" I say. "From your place in SF?"

"Maybe you heard that's been going around," says YoYo.

"I heard some scuttlebutt to that effect," I say. "But you don't seriously think you can stay here??"

YoYo looks around, "Well I heard you were having a little trouble of your own. Maybe me and my cousins could help out. We got guns."

"We want to join forces with you all. C'mon, let us in," says one of the guys on the floor.

Spela looks at me. I look at Dragen. Dragen lowers his Tommy gun and nods to Spela who goes and pats down Johnathan and David, finding three pistols and a mean looking Bowie knife as well as brass knuckles and two cans of mace.

Grigori shouts from the back, "All clear?"

Dragen and Spela and I all look at each other. "Alright you two can get up off the floor," says Dragen.

"Dang Pops!! Is that a real old school Tommy gun?" says the one, his eyes shining.

"You and your gun fixation," says YoYo.

"Well it's cool as fuck. I never actually saw a real one."

"Yeah, it's a real Tommy gun," says Dragen, proudly. "My name is Dragen, please do not refer to me as 'pops' ever again."

"Can I touch it?"

"Are you David or Johnathan?"

"I'm David."