What's New at Acid Logic - 12/01/18

Does Netflix's Iron Fist Illuminate American Politics?
By Wil Forbis
Netflix's Iron Fist show was poised to fullfill the childhood dreams of at least one author. Are there lessons to be learned from the show's collapse?
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"Tommy Lee Died!?! Oh, Stan Lee! Sorry"
By John Saleeby
John eulogizes the Marvel Comics maestro, despite being only slightly familiar with his work.

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Irish Pt. 43
By Pete Moss
Romance blooms in Pete's fictional universe as the team prepares for a night of Pere Ubu.

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Reel Advice: Death Race: Beyond Anarchy
By Steve Anderson
The trend towards sequels continues as Steve reviews the latest in the series keeping killer cars driving through the apocalypse alive for another generation.

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