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1999 Timothy M. Leonard

yes. he killed her.
he killed her in cold solemn blood trickling into the heart -from the heart -a warm beating muscle pulsating through congested foreign traffic, intersections, bypasses, crossings and freeways of aortas, veins, capillaries, visions of rivers flowing into among themselves; becoming entwined as carpet fibers bind, as light creates shadows, as fabric absorbs wind and colors. they forget themselves, flowing, pulsating relaxing into comatose visions of how it all started. back then.

a coffee shop of all places in a Beijing hotel at 3 in the afternoon as industrial sunlight shafted past bland empty gray facades of new construction sites with small men hunkered crying and maintaining dignity under torn straw hats brick weight laboring their hopes and struggles with inefficient tools and poor management receiving white rice and skimpy green vegetables while the stranger, the alien, the FNG recovered from a wild alcoholic night as she sat at the pristine table turning down a F&B job smiling looking straight ahead straight backed ready to take her chances with a different company next to dirty smeared incomplete windows. she knew she had other possibilities and futures; hong kong. Germany, England. connections throughout Europe. biding her time. playing the field. cautious and controlled.

yes. he killed her.
he killed her with kindness with misplaced love hope salvation the soft thunderstorm of winds whipping across rocky mountains, sierras, Himalayas, and endless salutations. she expected sacrifice and irony. she didn't expect broken torn shredded prayer flags singing a song of heartbreak, betrayal, travel, trust, love and compassion. she eventually received what she deserved. the fate of destiny.

yes. he killed her.
he killed himself first in the process, his Vietnam youth retained a very long term memory image and the image blasted evolved transformed into sad lightness of being surviving. he lived died survived travel games around through into deep dark recesses of sad world destinies in America Vietnam Ireland China Indonesia Japan Kuwait Greece Israel Scotland Finland Australia Micronesia amnesia Bhutan Tibet Nepal Bangladesh France Austria Denmark England Italy Spain Portugal Morocco Bahrain Cypress Switzerland Holland Germany Berlin Hong Kong sing a pore journeys because the soul heart mind body and spirit explored quested and thrived new more insight and revelations. it was part of the big One, the all, absolute, shining eagle eye sun of infinity light.

yes. he killed her.
he had no choice. tragic life lasts only so long. so long poem, so long ancient druid dancing celebrations yew growth. music. light. fear and wisdom vision suchness. as it is blesses your sweet spirit dancing.

a warning label: don't mistake kindness for weakness.

Tim Leonard: Vietnam veteran, graduated from University of Oregon and Sidewalk U, Aquarian dreamer, teacher, traveler, poet, photographer, and global tribal explorer.