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Irish pt. LVI


A few days later YoYo and I head over to Pinnacle tower.

"You let me do all the talking," says YoYo.

"Don't I always?" I say.

"I can't believe that rat!" says YoYo.

"Pacoima Larry?"

"Him too, but that Pete Moss! What a piece of shit!"

"How is Pete Moss a piece of shit? Cause people are trying to kill him? How does that make him a piece of shit?"

"Cause he didn't tell Ramona!"

"How do you know he didn't tell her? Why should he tell her anyway?" I say.

"Cause she loves him!"

"I don't see what that has to do with it." I say.

"OK, well at the least she should know she could be collateral damage," says YoYo.

"Alright, that's a good point," I say.

At the Pinnacle, the front desk guy gives us the stinkeye. But Ramona has sent the elevator down for us.

We go up in the elevator.

Pete Moss is in the hall. He holds his finger to his lips.

"SSSHH! Ramona is writing. Maybe we can walk over to the Starbucks at 10th & Market?" he says.

The sound of a furiously clacking keyboard comes from inside the apartment.

"That works," I say.

"Let me tell Ramona I'll be gone for a bit. If she surfaces from her trance and I'm not here she'll freak out." says Pete.

YoYo and I stand in the hall. The clacking stops for a minute. There's some murmuring. Pete comes back out. He closes the door behind him and we go down in the elevator.

We walk up J street and turn on 10th.

"So what's this big emergency you texted me about?" says Pete.

"Somebody is trying to bump you off, dude," I say.

"Yeah, when were you gonna tell Ramona about that?!" says YoYo.

"Oh right," says Pete Moss.

"Whaddaya mean, 'oh right',' I say.

"That was an old misunderstanding. I figured it was cleared up already. Ramona is not in any danger, believe me. I can get that fixed with a phone call. I know it looks bad but once I get it taken care of we can still hang out, no problem," says Pete.

YoYo and I look at each other.

Later on YoYo says: "We have to talk to Ramona, away from Pete."