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Irish pt. XXXIV

By Pete Moss


This new place the humans brought us to is pretty nice. Bruno is good at finding food. 

Though we really don't need it. The humans are feeding us well. Especially YoYo. 

She could be mean. She would kick me sometimes. But she was generous with the food.

Especially with Daisy. YoYo really likes Daisy. Of course Daisy is going to have puppies.

I don't exoect a human to know this. But YoYo seems to feel it. YoYo is always slipping Daisy tasty tidbits.

Well if Daisy is going to have puppies we'll have to find a denning place.

But Daisy never wants to leave the van. All she wants to sleep & eat.

Well, Bruno & I can explore. 

Every morning, before the sun comes out, before the humans wake up. 

That's one thing about this new place, the sun is hotter.

That doesn't bother me, I'm a short hair dog. But Bruno is kind of shaggy.

So we go exploring in the cool early early morning.

In the hot afternoon Bruno just wants to lie in the shade with his tongue hanging out.

There's a river not far from the van. Sometimes I go splash around in the river.

But Bruno doesn't want to go in the river. He says there might be 'alligators'.

I don't know what alligators are. Bruno says they're like the little lizards you see sunning on the rocks.

But alligators are really big & have ferocious jaws & teeth. Alligators are worse than humans with guns.

I don't know how Bruno knows about alligators. I guess the human Bruno lived with before, moved to all kinds of new places all the time.

I haven't seen any alligators by our river. There's lots of humans, living in smelly tents & fighting among themselves.

I don't think it's good for puppies to be around either alligators or smelly tent humans.

Finally I find a place that's good for a puppy den.

Daisy is definitely going to have puppies. I'm excited to tell her about finding a good denning spot.

"Are you out of your mind?" says Daisy. "I'm not going to go live among a bunch of smelly tent humans!"

"But we're going to be a pack. Dogs living free of humans!" I say.

"Look Pedro, I know that's your dream, but I never signed onto it you know? I'm staying right here with YoYo. She treats me real nice.."

"What about you Bruno?" I say. 

Bruno looks everywhere but at me. Finally he speaks: "Pedro....Daisy is right, living among the smelly tent humans..."

"But we won't be living among them just....nearby."

Bruno slumps down. "Pedro, you know how humans are, they always wind up taking over everything. You can't get away from them. We got us a decent set of them here. Might as well make the best of it." Bruno rolls over on his side and closes his eyes.

"So that's it huh?" I say.