What's New at Acid Logic - 09/05/17

Nazis I Have Known
By Wil Forbis
In the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, must we now search for Nazis in every corner?

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IM: Redd Foxx
By John Saleeby
From underground comedy records to Sanford and Son, Redd Foxx made a career out of breaking rules. And new ground.
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Irish pt. 29
By Pete Moss
Is there big money to be made playing Scrabble in San Diego? Pete's fictional protagonists have their suspicions.

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Reel Advice: Beyond the Gates
By Steve Anderson
An 80s throwback horror film from IFC doesn't quite live up to its branding but delivers some meaningful scares.

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FINALLY - A NEW 2012 EPISODE: Guest Host: John Saleeby
Hosted by John Saleeby
John revives the Acid Radio brand while reviewing an interesting new music selection produced by one of today's happening youth!

Check out John's additional mp3 comedy at THE DEVIL IS A SISSY!

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