What's New at Acid Logic - 07/05/17

The Internet is Out to Get You!
By Wil Forbis
Are the people you encounter on the web who they say they are? Is the material you serendipitously discover on the internet placed in front of you?

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Bands of Brothers
By John Saleeby
From the Beach Boys to Devo, many a rock group has been comprised of male siblings. Saleeby does a comic rundown.

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Reel Advice: The Void
By Steve Anderson
A Lovecraftian throwback film is bizarre and confusing but packs in some genuine chills.

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Mustard: The Forgotten Condiment
By Wil Forbis
Peruse this classic acid logic column from way back in the mid nineties. Thrill to one man's love affair with mustard!

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FINALLY - A NEW 2012 EPISODE: Guest Host: John Saleeby
Hosted by John Saleeby
John revives the Acid Radio brand while reviewing an interesting new music selection produced by one of today's happening youth!

Check out John's additional mp3 comedy at THE DEVIL IS A SISSY!

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