What's New at Acid Logic - 08/01/19

You Tube! I Tube! We All Scream For Side Boob!
By John Saleeby
Cozy up with three more movies you can watch on youtube for free!

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Talking Politics in the Screen Era
By Wil Forbis
When the rat pack 50s hit the rock and roll 60s we all knew America was a serious trouble. Fortunately the Candy Man came along to soothe our souls with a song.

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Irish Pt. 51
By Pete Moss TTTTT
Reality and fiction merge in Pete's ongoing tale as members of the acid logic community continue to pop up.

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Reel Advice: Leprechaun Returns
By Steve Anderson
The classic violent and vertically challenged villain has returned. But is this reboot worthy of its good name?

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