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  • I See You 09/17/20
    Steve says wait for the payoff in this genre-defying thriller about a family in turmoil.
  • Escaping the Dead 03/12/20
    Steve finds that the sweetest escape in this Danish zombie apocalypse film is to simply avoid watching it in the first place.
  • Investigation 13 02/15/20
    Can another film pitting college kids against an urban legend hold viewer's interest? Steve investigates as only the Video Store Guy can. (Wait! What's a video store?)
  • The Drone 01/05/20
    Numerous movies have played with the notion of killer technology. Steve checks out the latest attempt.
  • Dead Trigger 12/05/19
    Can you go wrong with Dolph Lundgren and zombies? Well, kinda, as Steve finds out.
  • The Dead Don't Die 11/01/19
    Steve finds a Bill Murray driven small-town zombie flick that slow burns with a certain charm.
  • Critters Attack
    How fares the latest entry in the classic sci-fi horror series from the eighties? Sadly, not well.
  • The Banana Splits Movie09/01/19
    You thought you knew the classic TV show. But Steve discovers it has become a thing that should not be.
  • Leprechaun Returns 08/01/19
    The classic violent and vertically challenged villain has returned. But is this reboot worthy of its good name?
  • The Final Wish 07/01/19
    Steve discovers an aesthetically pleasing entry into the genre of 'be careful what you wish for' films.
  • Slice 06/01/19
    A fun horror flick set in the world of pizza delivery keeps Steve's attention.
  • Welcome to Mercy 05/01/19
    A young woman searches for ways to avoid being damned by the gods in the latest horror flick reviewed by Steve.
  • The Domestics 04/01/19
    A husband and wife team navigate a post-apocalyptic terrain in Steve's latest film review.
  • The School 03/01/19
    Steve explores a new horror flick both intriguing and incomprehensible.
  • Await Further Instructions 02/01/19
    Steve reviews a movie tribute to an infamous psychological experiment. This one cranks up the weirdometer to "high."
  • Scorpion King: Book of Souls 01/01/19
    Steve continues a recent trend of reviewing sequels and offers his take on the latest in the famed Egyptian themed adventure series.
  • Death Race: Beyond Anarchy 12/01/18
    The trend towards sequels continues as Steve reviews the latest in the series keeping killer cars driving through the apocalypse alive for another generation.
  • Tremors 6: A Cold Day in Hell 11/01/18
    After almost 30 years the giant worms of the Tremors movies are still in the game. Steve reviews the latest installement.
  • Children of the Corn: Runaway 10/01/18
    Yep, they're still making COTC movies. Steve finds the latest one to be an entertaining throwback to a different era of horror.
  • Bastard 09/01/18
    In Steve's latest horror flick review it's serial killers versus serial killers with a little incest thrown in for good measure.
  • Suspension 08/01/18
    Steve spies the DNA of other recent flicks in this slasher/thriller but nonetheless feels it can stand on its own.
  • Unnatural 07/01/18
    You should expect chills from a horror film set in frozen Alaska but Steve finds this monster flick too derivative to take seriously.
  • Wind Walkers 06/01/18
    Steve continues examining the latest After Dark horror films and finds an intriguing, if at times confusing, Native American terror fest.
  • Lumberjack Man 05/01/18
    It's off to the bloody bible camp we go in a recent horror/comedy flick that earns grins from Steve.
  • The Wicked Within 04/01/18
    Steve is a longtime fan of the Eight Films to Die For series. He critiques a recent installment and finds a gem.
  • Murder in the Dark 03/01/18
    Steve is unimpressed with a new After Dark horror flick that takes an experimental approach to filmmaking.
  • Re-KiIl 02/01/18
    Steve investigates a recent entry into the After Dark film collection. In it, zombie killers track the undead hordes.
  • Darkness Rising 12/01/17
    The haunted house at the center of this horror film features both hidden treasures and gratuitous eyeball gouging. You have been warned.
  • Child Eater 11/01/17
    A recent horror romp manages to successfully update the classic "babysitter versus monster" trope. Fans of eye-gouging will not be disappointed.
  • Tall Men 10/01/17
    Steve peruses an intriguing film in which a found credit card incurs deadly fees. The question, however, is whether a good idea is carried through with good execution.
  • Beyond the Gates 09/01/17
    An 80s throwback horror film from IFC doesn't quite live up to its branding but delivers some meaningful scares.
  • The Belko Experiment 08/01/17
    What happens when you trap dozens of people in a building and demand that they kill each other? Let's just say it's not good.
  • The Void 07/01/17
    A Lovecraftian throwback film is bizarre and confusing but packs in some genuine chills.
  • Before I Wake 06/01/17
    A tale of a young man with dark powers burns a little too slowly.
  • Train to Busan 05/01/17
    Steve finds plenty to rave about in this mix of Strangers on a Train and Night of the Living Dead.
  • The Possession Experiment 04/01/17
    Some movies are built on a solid and intriguing plot but still don't manage to pull off the right magic. This demonic horror caper suffers such a fate.
  • Cell 03/01/17
    Steve is all thumbs up for a Stephen King movie that explores the distinct terrors of the modern age.
  • Clown 02/01/17
    Steve summons up an intriguing horror flick that goes full blast on coulrophobia. (Look it up!)
  • Knucklebones 12/01/16
    Steve finds a killer demon film that doesn't really go anywhere new. There is a cool death scene though.
  • Cooties 11/01/16
    Can killer kids provide hours of entertainment for the whole family? Steve finds a horror/comedy that screams YES!
  • Monsterland 10/01/16
    Steve takes a look at a collection several short movies grouped under a themed umbrella. The most surreal of the shorts are the ones that stand out.
  • Trick or Treat 09/01/16
    Steve steps into the 1980s to dig up the horror flick that played on the fears of the Tipper Gore generation. It holds up both as an amusing distraction and cultural artifact.
  • Infini 08/01/16
    In this recent direct to video sci-fi flick, all is not well on a space station dancing between black holes.
  • Dead Rising: Endgame 07/01/16
    Steve finds Crackle's new streaming zombie flick a little light on zombies but with enough charms to make up for it.
  • Flight 7500 06/01/16
    Strange things happening on a trans-Atlantic flight should make for a compelling horror flick. Steve finds things a little too predictable.
  • Hollows Grove 05/01/16
    Steve discovers a recent found footage ghost flick that packs genuine scares and features the acclaimed thespianism of Lance Henrikson.
  • Justice League: War 04/01/16
    In time for the AL cartoon issue, Steve reviews a recent animated flick featuring the heroes of the D.C. Comics universe.
  • Last Shift 03/01/16
    Can a movie with impressive box art also pack some punches? Steve investigates a horror flick that combines two John Carpenter films into one.
  • The Exorcism of Molly Hartley 02/01/16
    Steve reports that the follow up to a haunted, horror hit carries the plot forward and offers some admirable twists and turns.
  • We Are Still Here 01/01/16
    Steve finds half of a great movie in this period ghost story starring Barbara Crampton of Re-Animator fame.
  • Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story 12/01/15
    A new flick takes the Slenderman motif and actually does quite well with it. Be sure to keep an eye out for a horror celebrity in the form of Phatasm's Angus Scrim.
  • The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death 10/01/15
    Steve finds a sequel that has its own merits but fails to live up to the original. That doesn't mean you shouldn't expect future sequels though.
  • Stonehearst Asylum 09/01/15
    In a 19th century insane asylum it's hard to tell who's crazy and who's normal. Ben Kingsley co-stars in a recent suspense flick that keeps you guessing at its secrets.
  • The Babadook 08/01/15
    Steve glories in a recently released horror flick that revives everyone's childhood fears about the monster under the bed.
  • Scary or Die 06/01/15
    A horror film with multiple vignettes is somewhat hit or miss. At least it's got some scary clowns.
  • Housebound 05/01/15
    Steve discovers a horror/comedy from New Zealand that manages the tricky balance between scares and laughs.
  • Dead Rising 04/01/15
    Steve finds genuine enjoyment in a film version of a zombie video game series. And best of all: it's free to watch!
  • Asylum of the Dead 03/01/15
    A Michael Rooker directed scare flick set in a haunted loony bin fails to inspire chills.
  • Grace: The Possession 02/01/15
    Steve views a horror flick that finds a new head-twist on the demonic possession territory so famously explored by The Exorcist and others. Can it deliver the goods while it delivers us from evil?
  • The Conspiracy 12/01/14
    A new horror flick examining the possibility that hidden puppet masters control world events moves along with a low but ominous sizzle.
  • SX Tape 11/01/14
    Steve finds a found footage freak fest that keeps things creepy. And fellahs... you may end up grabbing your goods in fear!
  • House of Bad 10/01/14
    Ghosts and heroin go together like Mom and apple pie in this new horror flick. The results are, according to Steve, not bad.
  • Resolution 09/01/14
    Getting down because there are no more episodes of Breaking Bad? Steve takes a look at a horror film involving meth and the supernatural.
  • Beast of the Bering Sea 08/01/14
    Steve checks out an undersea adventure starring the now adult cute kid from Jerry McGuire. Can these aquatic creatures earn their keep?
  • Haunting of the Innocent 07/01/14
    Ever on the hunt for a good ghost yarn, Steve finds this Judd Nelson scare flick fails to really deliver. But keep a close watch for sudden movement.
  • 13-13-13 06/01/14
    Steve peruses a new film in which everyone on earth goes crazy. Will it drive viewers mad?
  • The Ganzfeld Haunting 05/01/14
    Steve contemplates a recent horror flick that gets into a heady analysis of what is perceived versus what is reality. Does such philosophical pondering make for a good ghost story?
  • Apartment 1303 04/01/14
    Steve is rooting for this ghostly real estate flick but finds it just doesn't pack the chills.
  • All Hallows Eve 03/01/14
    Steve is happy to see a horror anthology centered around a mysterious video that pops up during the most evil day of the year.
  • Come Out and Play 02/01/14
    Steve casts his eye on a foreign market horror flick about the terrors of evil children. Will it lead viewers to excessive bedwetting?
  • H.P. Lovecraft's Cool Air 01/01/14
    Film adaptations of the work of H.P. Lovecraft can go either way. Steve finds one that takes chances but doesn't shake the roof.
  • Stitches 12/01/13
    Can killer clowns do no wrong? Steve finds laughs a plenty in a fun, Irish-made horror flick.
  • Under the Bed 11/01/13
    Steve is pleased with the atmosphere, if not the details, of a new horror flick that explores our darkest childhhood fears.
  • Twixt 10/01/13
    Steve takes a look a recent offering from Francis Ford Coppola and finds it to be profoundly weird.
  • Grave Encounters 2 09/01/13
    Steve gives a thumbs up to a horror film sequel that decides to go meta. But why don't the characters learn from previous scare flicks?
  • Bad Kids Go To Hell 08/01/13
    Steve tips his hat to a recent gem of a mystery/horror flick that more than delivers twists and twistedness.
  • Germ Z 07/01/13
    A new zombie film from the film division of fright mag Fangoria is not just gorey and action packed; it's Romero-worthy!
  • A Cadaver Christmas 06/01/13
    Steve recommends cooling down this summer with a Christmas flick featuring 70s grindcore humor and zombies galore!
  • I Didn't Come Here To Die 05/01/13
    Steve finds that a recent flick about volunteerism gone awry is flawed but has some creepy moments.
  • Crow's Nest 04/01/13
    Ever the film fanatic, Steve is fond of found footage/first person horror flicks (to borrow some of his alliteration.) A recent entry offers few surprises but holds up well.
  • Seance: the Summoning 03/01/13
    Call it a Ouija or witchboard, four friends find it leads only to evil in this throwback to 80s horror. Steve nods approvingly.
  • The Hole 02/01/13
    Horror virtuoso Joe Dante returns with a tail of two brothers who enter a gateway which leads to their darkest fears.
  • Asylum Blackout 01/01/13
    IFC offers an interesting premise: what do the sane do when the insane take over the asylum? Steve concludes that it doesn't end well, in more ways than one.
  • Rec 3 12/01/12
    Steve finds that there are no happy endings in the latest installment of the terrifying Rec series.
  • Cabin in the Woods 11/01/12
    Steve unabashedly falls in love with Joss Whedon's recent radical reinterpretation of what a horror movie can be.
  • Exit Humanity 10/01/12
    Steve investigates a zombie flick set in the Civil War. Are zombies in the 1860s any more dangerous than in the modern era?
  • Blood Creek 09/01/12
    Has it come to this? Joel Schumacher straight-to-video movies? However, it turns out this flick ain't half bad!
  • The Terror Experiment 08/01/12
    While not entirely won over, Steve tips his hat to a movie that takes the rage virus concept and raises the bar.
  • Hellraiser: Revelations 07/01/12
    Try as they might, even laudable actors can't save the latest visitation from Pinhead and pals from mediocrity.
  • Troll Hunter 06/01/12
    Steve has warm feelings for an action/horror film set in the frostbitten natural setting of Nordic Norway.
  • Children Of The Corn: Genesis 03/01/12
    Steve, normally a fan of the Children of the Corn series, finds himself asking, "Where are the children? And where's the corn?"
  • The Violent Kind | Shuttle 02/01/12
    Two recent horror flicks are courageous enough to take chances that, while they don't always pay off, earn a certain grudging respect from Steve.
  • Train | Paranoid Activity 2 12/01/11
    Steve finds another Europeans-versus-Americans film goes nowhere, but finds a few charms in a ghost of a ghost flick.
  • House of Bones | Deadtime Stories 11/01/11
    Parker Lewis's Corey Nemec latest foray has some teeth, but George Romero is scraping the bottom for his trilogy of yawns.
  • Mask Maker | Doghouse 10/01/11
    The video store guy finds a meatloaf movie mildly entertaining, while a zombie battle of the sexes is both scary and funny.
  • Ghosts Don't Exist | Ju-On: White Ghost Black Ghost 09/01/11
    Despite not being completely logical, two new movies about ethereal apparitions generate some genuine scares.
  • Death on Demand | Rec 2 08/01/11
    Steve finds a sequel that doesn't disappoint, and a middling predictable slasher flick that does.
  • The Tomb | Road Kill 06/01/11
    Steve is only mildly intrigued by two recent contributions to the Fangoria Frightfest series.
  • The Horde | Hunger 05/01/11
    Steve finds a French zombie film lacking in numbers, but considers a cannibalistic flick with a twist ending worth gobbling up.
  • The Possession of David O'Reilly | The Haunted World of El Superbeasto 03/01/11
    Steve finds himself genuinely frightened by a lo-fi occult flick. It softens him up enough that he's even got kind words for a Rob Zombie entry.
  • Pontypool | Mirrors 2 02/01/11
    Zombies versus talk radio? A sequel that isn't? Steve finds both pleasure and pain in the latest offerings from the underground video market.
  • Night of the Demons | Triple Dog 01/01/11
    Steve is pleased with both a nightmarish update of a cult favorite and a horror flick exposing the secret lives of teenage girls.
  • Ghost Game | Infestation 12/01/10
    Steve is unimpressed with a Ouija board witch-fest, but finds a dystopian nightmare featuring an attack of giant bugs to be thoroughly enjoyable.
  • The Crypt | Book of Blood 11/01/10
    A descent into hell doesn't quite get off the ground but fares better than a confused ghost story produced by Clive Barker.
  • Cabin Fever 2 | Sam's Lake 0/01/10
    Moderate terrors can be found in a sequel to the classic 'germ as a villain' horror flick and a slasher story that takes some twists and turns.
  • The Hanged Man | Autumn 09/01/10
    Too much talking ruins both a movie contemplating group suicide and a post-apocalyptic zombie horror flick.
  • Open House | Neighbor 08/01/10
    How fare two recent horror flicks about the dark side of suburban living? Steve is pleasantly surprised by one, but saves his most acidic vitriol for what he regards as the worst kind of torture porn.
  • Airline Disaster | Dead Snow 07/01/10
    Steve is equally amused by a low-budget disaster flick and garden-variety Nazi zombie blood fest.
  • Survival of the Dead | Bitch Slap 06/01/10
    The latest in George Romero's "Dead" series lacks bite, but it's made up for by a campy, jiggly Russ Meyer homage.
  • 13Teen | House of the Devil 05/01/10
    Two tales centered around suspense laden locales fail to raise Steve's eyebrows.
  • Cookers | Psycho Ward 04/01/10
    A modern fable about a haunted meth lab is equally matched by a serial killer stalking a prison.
  • Home Movie | The Hills Run Red 03/01/10
    Whether contemplating youth gone wild or doll faced killers, Steve is pleasantly surprised with the quality of this month's picks.
  • Alien Raiders | Dead Air 02/01/10
    An alien shoot 'em up does a good job of building suspense, while Bill Moseley manages to keep another rage virus zombie flick titillating.
  • The Planet | Razortooth 01/01/10
    Science-fiction flies high while a Roger Corman ripoff merely treads water.
  • The Witches Hammer | Legend of the Bog 12/01/09
    Steve, not a vampire fan, discovers much to like in a esoteric bloodsucker flick but finds an Irish swamp creature merely muddies the waters.
  • House | The Last Resort 11/01/09
    Christian horror fares surprisingly well in Steve's book, at least better than a tropical terror fest.
  • Perkins' 14 | Cravings 10/01/09
    The final entry in the After Dark Horrorfest proves to be a winner, while a Twilight ripoff surpasses its inspiration.
  • Chill | Dead Wood 9/01/09
    An HP Lovecraft derivative leaves Steve cold, but a "lost in the forest" horror flick holds his interest.
  • Autopsy | Voices 8/01/09
    Both a medical horror flick and Korean thriller managed to raise Steve's eyebrows.
  • From Within | The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations 8/01/09
    Steve reviews the final contenders in the After Dark Horrorfest and is not disappointed.
  • The Broken | Slaughter 6/01/09
    Are the newest entrants into the After Dark Horrorfest dogs? Steve has a hard time being entirely negative.
  • Laid To Rest | Dying Breed 5/01/09
    Anchor Bay sinks their reputation with a confusing serial killer flick, but the latest After Dark Horrorfest contribution piques interest.
  • Tokyo Zombie | Chrysalis 4/01/09
    A Japanese zombie flick religiously follows the rules of Romero while a French technothriller is visually stunning but creatively empty.
  • Capricorn One | Imprint 3/01/09
    Lions Gate scores by rereleasing a lost astronaut conspiracy classic, but a Native American ghost story doesn't deliver the scares.
  • Wild Country | 20 Years Later 3/01/09
    A fast-paced tale of humans versus mutants in the wilderness holds the viewer's interest. A post-apocalyptic thriller descends into confusion.
  • Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat | Hack! /01/08
    Steve simultaneously discovers a lost Bruce Campell gem and a confusing horror flick that epitomizes the two star rating.
  • House of the Dead: Funny Version | Dance of the Dead1/01/08
    Hated director Uwe Boll manages to finally charm his audience and the last entry in the Ghost House horror fest scores.
  • Trackman | The Substitute 12/01/08
    Discovering that foreigners can make mediocre horror as well as Americans, Steve reviews a Russian hack and slash and a Danish sci-fi affair.
  • Room 205 | Dark Floors 12/01/08
    This month, Steve reviews some recent offerings from the Ghost House Underground horror series. A Danish horror flick proves to be a flawed diamond, but a two hour promo video for a Finnish heavy metal group causes eyes to roll.
  • No Man's Land: Rise of the Reeker | Brotherhood of Blood 11/11/01/08
    Ghostly terrors and gangs of bloodsuckers manage to provide passable entertainment for late-night viewing.
  • Breathing Room | Five Across the Eyes 11/01/08
    It's a study in opposites as a locked room mystery stands out while a dreary piece of torture porn only causes groans.
  • The Morgue | Class of 1999 10/01/08
    A new version of the same old thing can't match wits with a modern-day straight to video classic.
  • Copycat | The Legend of Bloody Mary 10/01/08
    Two new tales about an unoriginal serial killer and a vengeful vixen provide moderate thrills.
  • Zombie Town | Sight 08/01/08
    Yes, Steve reviews yet another zombie film. It's evenly matched with an eccentric ghost story.
  • The Haunting of Rebecca Verlaine | Primal 08/01/08
    A gory ghost story offers some thrills, but the latest Sasquatch flick just clogs up the drain.
  • Tooth and Nail | Crazy Eights 06/01/08
    Steve peruses a few more entries in the After Dark horror fest and records mixed results.
  • Knock Knock | Mulberry St. 06/01/08
    Steve finds no appeal in a retro 80s stalker flick, but passes praise onto a zombie Apocalypse thriller.
  • The Deaths of Ian Stone | Lake Dead 05/01/08
    Steve finds both feast and famine in the latest from the After Dark horror Festival.
  • Unearthed | Nightmare Man 05/01/08
    Two new monster movies are somewhat middle of the road but take a stab at redeeming themselves.
  • Killer Pad | Borderland 04/01/08
    Freddy Krueger's directorial effort generates laughs and a kids versus cult movie proves to be the superior of "Hostel."
  • Masters of Horror | Catacombs 04/01/08
    Steve is happy with the collected work of the Mick Garris helmed TV show, but the latest effort from the producers of "Saw" doesn't cut it. (Get it? "Cut it?" Because they produced "Saw"...)
  • Flight of the Living Dead | Invasion 03/01/08
    The latest zombie and sci-fi films score some decent moments.
  • Werewolf: the Devil's Hound | Gag 03/01/08
    The latest werewolf flick pack some punch, but the newest torture porn leave Steve colder than the dead prostitute in your freezer.
  • The Slaughter| The Attic 02/01/08
    Steve offers rave reviews for the latest Lovecraft flick, but is lukewarm to a story of a simple haunting.
  • Evil Aliens | Boy Eats Girl 02/01/08
    What's Steve's prescription for the most recent zombie flick? Needs more zombies! A fun alien film makes up for it though.
  • Rise of the Dead | Experiment in Torture 01/01/08
    Meet the zombie film that wasn't and the final death spasm of the the torture porn genre.
  • Pirates of Ghost Island | H.P. Lovecraft's The Tomb 01/01/08
    Avast ye mateys at the latest Pirate fright flick. And has Steve had it up to here with director Ulli Lommel?
  • Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck | Haunted Forest 12/01/08
    The latest serial killer biopic shows its sensitive side and holds its own against a stylish clone of Japanese horror flicks.
  • Haunted Boat | Curse of Alcatraz 12/01/08
    "Move along... nothing to see here," is Steve's take on the latest batch of teen bloodfests.
  • Welcome to NHK | Demons 10/01/07
    A anime soap opera and gorey blast from the past keep Steve's attention.
  • Mummy Maniac | Shadow Puppet 10/01/07
    Is this new serial killer flick a Ulli Lommel disaster in disguise? At least the "stuck in a insane asylum" movie has some kick.
  • Borderline Cult | Dead Clowns 09/01/07
    Neither the latest torture porn nor the long-awaited combination of zombies with clowns manages to tickle Steve's fancy.
  • Mustang Sally's Horror House | Shockwave 09/01/07
    A movie about a Gore infested whorehouse spends too much time on the sex, but a Trekkie heavy sci-fi piece gets a raised eyebrow.
  • The Abandoned | Behind the Mask 08/01/07
    Both the final entry in the Eight Films To Die For series and a new horror spoof get passing grades from the Video Store Guy.
  • The Last Supper | Able Edwards 08/01/07
    The pantheon of Japanese horror gets a new addition while a sci-fi clone bio raises eyebrows.
  • The Manitou | Blood Trails 07/01/07
    Steve reviews the latest Anchor Bay re-issue and a slasher flick with a low body count.
  • Drive Thru | Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield 07/01/07
    A bloody hamburger flick outshines yet another telling of the Ed Gein story.
  • Grim Reaper | Beneath Still Water 05/01/07
    A Final Destination rip off fails to thrill Steve, but he's much happier with Brian Yunza's latest effort.
  • Diary of a Cannibal | Night of the Living Dorks 05/01/07
    Reel Advice goes German and reviews two foreign born horror flicks.
  • The After Dark Horrorfest Pt 1 04/01/07
    Yo Diggity! Steve reviews the entire collection of the horror festival that was too shocking for regular viewers.
  • The After Dark Horrorfest Pt 2 04/01/07
    Steve's After Dark reviews continue with ghostly children and medical mysteries.
  • The Amazing Screw On-Head | Nerima Daikon Brothers 03/01/07
    Comic book and anime fans should rejoice at two new offerings on the video store shelves.
  • Blood Stains | Silent Scream 03/01/07
    A movie about the neighborhood killer is better left the to Lifetime channel but an average looking slasher flick offers a surprise ending.
  • The Norliss Tapes | Night of the Dead 02/01/07
    Anchor Bay digs up a surprising classic while Steve buries a piss poor zombie flick.
  • Angst | Halloween Night 02/01/07
    Take your pick: a man hungry vagina or a Grade B horror flick from Asylum Entertainment.
  • Slayer | Are You Scared 01/01/07
    Two slasher flicks get the Reel Advice treatment.
  • Zombie Nation | Black Dahlia 01/01/07
    Steve ranks two new video offerings from Ulli Rommell, director of "Boogeyman."
  • Blackwater Valley Exorcism | Abominable 12/01/06
    Steve checks out two new horror titles featuring B-movie king, Jeffrey Combs.
  • Disturbance | Baby Blood 12/01/06
    "Disturbance" is disturbing in all the wrong ways but "Baby Blood" has the right kind of rattle.
  • The Legend of Lucy Keyes| Dark Fields 11/01/06
    While the spirit of Halloween wafts in the air, Steve reviews a ghostly political thriller and schlocko "Texas Chainsaw" knockoff.
  • Superstition | The Butcher 11/01/06
    A 1980s occult flick is resurrected while teen beauties are carved to pieces by a homicidal maniac.
  • Straight Into Darkness | Snakes on a Train 10/01/06
    Steve has kind words for for WWII horror flick and gives a fair shake to Asylum Entertainment's attempt to jump aboard the Snakes-on-a-vehicle fad.
  • Head Trauma | Mr. Jingles 10/01/06
    A cerebral horror flick gets high marks but killer clowns won't like what Steve has to say about their latest efforts.
  • Woods of Evil | Sweet Insanity 09/01/06
    Steve punches through the plot holes in a low grade forest schlock romp and an episode of teen horror gone bad.
  • 2001 Maniacs | Motor Home Massacre 09/01/06
    Robert England returns in a camp gorefest. The worst of '80s slasher films returns in a trite road horror flick.
  • Day of the Dead 2: Contagium | Doll Graveyard 07/01/06
    Even with no Romero, DOTD II ain't awful. But its too bad Charles Band has turned his production house into a toy factory.
  • Blood Bath | Shockheaded 07/01/06
    A classic 1970's horror anthology holds its own. And a genre-twisting shocker hits you from all sides.
  • Dumbland | Three Extremes 06/01/06
    The latest David Lynch vehicle lives up to its name, but an Asian Creepshow takes horror to the extreme.
  • The Drop | Vermilion Pleasure Night 06/01/06
    A third rate Tarantino flick gets medieval on your ass. And live from Tokyo... it's Vermilion Pleasure Night!
  • Hillside Cannibals | Bram Stroker's Dracula's Curse 05/01/06
    Asylum Entertainment sullies their reputation with a "Hills Have Eyes" rip off but redeems themselves with a standout vampire action flick.
  • Funny Man | The Visitation 05/01/06
    The British invent their own Freddy Krueger while Randy Travis perfects the art of the speed exorcism.
  • Resident Demon | Exel Saga: Imperfect Collection 04/01/06
    Steve peeps a Carpenter homage and a new anime collection.
  • Creep | Creepies 04/01/06
    "Creep" is creepy but "Creepies" needs to get a clue.
  • Heebie Jeebies| Fear of Clowns 03/01/06
    Steve checks out two horror flicks that, while flawed, have some original moments.
  • Shadow Skill Vol 1 | Evil Breed 03/01/06
    Read up on the latest anime and cannibalistic porn offerings.
  • Cold Blood | Dark Remains 02/01/06
    Steve gives a hyper-shout-out to the suspense films of Brian Avenet-Bradley.
  • Zombiez | Shapeshifter 02/01/06
    The undead walk the earth hand in hand with an alien monster in lockup.
  • Scary True Stories | Meet The Fuccons 01/01/06
    The Japanese ably showcase their tangential plot designs with these new features.
  • Scarred | I'll Bury You Tomorrow...Laid to Rest 01/01/06
    80's schlock returns with full force in "Scarred" and the dead get a dose of love in "I'll Bury You.."
  • The Man With the Screaming Brain | Dead Men Walking 12/01/05
    Bruce Campbell returns along with the living dead! Can you tell one from the other?
  • Red Cockroaches | Bloody Mallory 12/01/05
    Plan a night of incestuous sci-fi porn and French action flicks.
  • Jack O' Lantern | Irish American Ninja 11/01/05
    Can the bloody imprints of horror match the fancy footwork of the ninja spoof?
  • Undead | Alien Apocalypse 11/01/05
    The latest Aussie zombie film goes up against Bruce Campbell's sci-fi adventures.
  • The Beast of Bray Road | Swamper 10/01/05
    The newest werewolf movie has more bark than bite but the adventures of a jizz mopping drug dealer gets high marks.
  • Dead and Breakfast | Conjure 10/01/05
    The Video Store Guy watches the latest straight to video movie making so you don't have to.
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    The latest Japanese horror and Asylum Home Entertainment movies get their due.
  • Cup of My Blood | Ice Queen 09/01/05
    Sip from the Holy Cup and find out just how cold is a witch's tit in Steve's duo video reviews.
  • Insight of Evil | Hide and Creep 08/01/05
    Ghouls and dolls can be found in the latest dual reviews from the Video Store Guy.
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    Steve pounds his cranium with the new release from Brain Damage and takes in a decent ghost flick.
  • War of the Worlds | Decoys 07/01/05
    While everyone else yabs about Tom Cruise's breakdown, Steve takes a look at the other War of the Worlds being released this year.
  • Dead End | Dracula 3000 07/01/05
    The Video Store Guy takes a look at a serious thriller and "quite possibly the best retelling of the Dracula legend to date."
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    Avast ye mateys! Come aboard and enjoy the plastic heads and the plastic boobs!
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    In Steve's two new horror picks, the dead return to life and demons walk the earth. Or something like that.
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    So what's worse: Ecological bio-disasters or aliens running around shooting "The Blair Witch Project"?
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    The Video Store Guy gives high marks to a British occult thriller. He's less enthused with the latest zombie offering.
  • Lethal Eviction 04/01/05
    Steve gives a preview of a soon to be released suspense flick featuring the landlords from hell.
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    Serial killers get a training manuel and Edward Furlong returns in two new horror flicks stocking the shelves of your local video store.
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    Steve reviews two flicks designed to offend both the Blacks and the Irish.
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    One is the scariest movie Steve can't understand, while the second features "Pillow versus Chainsaw." You can't go wrong.
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    Always fair and balanced, the Video Store Guy takes a look at the latest to hit the shelves.
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