Reel Advice from the Video Store Guy
By Steve Anderson
August 1st, 2018

SX Tape

SX Tape
Directed by Bernard Rose
Written by Eric Reese
Starring Ian Duncan, Daniel Faraldo, Caitlyn Folley, Diana Garcia

I've always been a sucker for found footage kinds of movies--I suppose it's that little extra note of plausibility that lets you believe that the events of the film may well have happened to somebody somewhere--and seeing Well Go Entertainment step into the field is both disconcerting and exciting. That's what we'll get with "SX Tape", which might well also be described as equal parts disconcerting and exciting.

"SX Tape" follows an artist and her boyfriend, a videographer, who decide to make a movie. The two break into an abandoned hospital to serve as an unusual backdrop for said movie, thinking that potentially the hospital might make an exciting location for an art show. It's not a bad idea, and the idea of a movie to accompany it makes it particularly noteworthy. But in the grandest horror movie tradition, it's all going to go wrong, and in rather spectacular fashion.

It's going to take a while to get started. Seriously, a good 20 percent of this movie is going to go by before much of anything really freaky happens...well, aside from the various sex acts, of course. About 20 minutes in, meanwhile, is where things start getting interesting thanks to a nifty little segment involving ducking a security guard. But then things do ratchet up rather nicely.

The interesting thing about this is that they're going to take a moment that should have been a slight reveal, a buildup for something much later, and instead crank the whole thing up past eleven. There's even one of those great moments that only a horror movie can provide, one of those great moments where most of the audience is screaming at the camera that the characters in question should not be embarking on their current course of action. Those moments are often fun thanks to their sheer universal nature; most everyone in the audience knows this is a terrible idea, and yet here we will go anyway. There will be plenty of jump scares on hand for those who want a good old fashioned adrenaline rush.

Special note for the may be better off skipping the last ten seconds. Really. I mean it. Just...consider yourself warned. When you see the blowjob starting, you have about three seconds to either shut your eyes or hit stop, because about the worst possible thing ever in such a situation will hit.

Special features include a set of audio options, English subtitles, a making of featurette, and trailers for "SX Tape"--there's a regular and an uncensored version here--as well as "Mystery Road," "Child of God," and "The Truth About Emanuel."

Aside from a leg-crosser at the last ten seconds, for the most part "SX Tape" will provide us with a whole lot of jump scares, a few unanswered questions, and plenty of general all-around horror fun.