Tired of hearing about Angelina Jolie or Marilyn Monroe? Do you think Kate Hudson can't hold a candle to Amy Pohler or Lolita Davidovich? Do you feel like the targets of your perverted obsessions and late-night Internet masturbatory sessions don't get the attention they deserve? So do we. And thus we created "Unappreciated Babes." Because it was the American thing to do!

Unappreciated Babes of Cartoons
What guy needs a real woman when he could have a buxom, cartoon gal? Acid Logic showcases some of the sexiest, ink-drawn ingenues out there. And, no, Jessica Rabbit ain't one of them!

Unappreciated Babes of Horror!
From Theda Bara to Angela Bettis, horror films are home to many a sexpot!

Unappreciated Babes of History
Mata Hari! Lizzie Borden! Sarah Todd Lincoln! Eve! The annals of history are loaded with babes!

Unappreciated Babes 3
Chloe Dao, Jennifer Tilly and "The Hotties of Hotmail."

Unappreciated Babes 2
Laura San Giacomo and the unappreciated babes of "Kill Bill" and "News Radio."

Unappreciated Babes 1
Holly Hunter, Cheri Oteri and more!


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