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Let's Get Angry!

By Cody Wayne
February 16th, 2003

DISCLAIMER: People have been telling me to beware of my angry yelling tone in my writing because of its discrediting nature. I’m known for my blasting rants and low tolerance for ignorance, but in this article, I will attempt, for the first time, to make strides towards the evolution of my own writing and thought processes by getting past the usual war-mongering writing. I’m simply gonna lay it out. No vulgarity. No verbal carpet-bombing. I’m getting past the savage barbaric writing style and graduating to a peaceful state. By doing this, I’m hoping to set myself up as a role-model for the United States government to show them that everyone can change and it’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of compassion and respect for your fellow human beings.

Almost all of the information in this article comes from a Larry Everest talk I attended recently and a book called, “The War on Freedom,” by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed. The book cites several hundred reliable sources of information, too many to list here.

As a primer to this article, I’d like to make note of the fact that this is the time in our evolution when it will become the responsibility, not of our so-called “leaders,” but of every citizen living on earth to stand up for their rights and demand a different world. This world cannot survive under current policies and doctrines. This is the time when we have to realize that we can do something, and furthermore, that we MUST do something to stop the madness which is enveloping our world at the hands of so few who BANK on the fact that its subjects will never think for themselves or resist. This is the point in history that kids will read about in their completely revamped history books of the future, when the people took matters into their own hands and away form the sick and twisted claws of those so far removed from empathy and compassion that they were willing to kill and destroy and kill and waste to all ends of the earth to obtain absolute control over every possible thing there is to control. Don’t ask me. I can’t figure out the mind-set. It would seem obvious to me, and probably you, that to forcefully control every aspect of life and living would be an impossible and destructive objective, but then again, there must clearly be something fogging the hell out of the minds of those attempting this impossible task… something which makes them think that “total control” is a fine thing, not only for those who seek it, but for everyone else under the bountiful pledge of free trade. Could it beee… CAPITALISM? The only winner in capitalism is the one who rules it all. Funny how “Lord of the Rings” came out juuust in time.

I put forward the proposition that this fog of capitalism is equal parts power and greed with a touch of flavor from fear, racism, and hate, but this is only my assumption from what I’ve read about, heard, and seen (from documentaries) in third world countries which suffer from capitalist expansion and neglect. Maybe these money-lovers weren’t properly nurtured as kids. Maybe they were pushed too hard by their parents. Maybe, throughout their lives, they were told that losing wasn’t an option. I don’t know, but it’s an attitude that, on this presently large scale, will lead to the earth’s ultimate inability to operate naturally and productively as an ecological unit. It could be that capitalism is killing the planet and all its inhabitants (except for the cockroaches, of course).

So let’s look at some interesting facts and views that I’ve come across in the last few months by listening and seeing.

NOTE: from here on out, just consider every mention of the “US Agenda” to mean “the US plans for world domination”

On September 11, 2001, Osama bin Laden did the US government a favor by setting the stage for an unending war on terrorism. There’s no way the US Agenda could’ve gotten the momentum it needed as quickly as when four planes were hijacked and flown into prominent US targets, killing 3000 some people in what seemed like an instant. Heroes were born. Heroes died. I forget… was everyone who died in those attacks a hero? An American hero? I think so.

And so it was that a handful of foreign pawns took bold action and helped our government extract from the American People the vile underlying fluid of Fear, Racism, and Hate needed to launch their agenda, successfully directing it all towards the first of a strategically planned series of countries that hold within them either the vital resources America needs, the “evil-doing” enemies of the United States, or both (even better).

And it’s not like the US couldn’t have stopped the 911 attacks. They could’ve… very easily. They chose not to in order to FUTHER THEIR NOT-SO-HIDDEN-ANYMORE AGENDA. The US intelligence agencies actually are, for the most part, intelligent. They had all the info, all the leads, all the contacts, all the tips needed to fuel and intense thwarting of Project Bojinka. Intelligence agencies have known about terrorists planning to use planes as bombs since early 1995. Field and office agents were taking these threats very seriously and kept a close eye and ear to everything they could, but there was always some superior who would block further investigations into the threats even though the threats in question adhered to the four basic rules regarding threat assessment: 1 - That information regarding the location and timing of the attack was clear, warranting a warning of some kind; 2 - The threat was serious enough and vital to US security interests; 3 - The enemy’s intent and political purpose was clear; and 4 - There was reason to respond to the warnings with decisive military action of some kind.

And regarding the actual response on the morning of September 11, 2001, it has to be clear that either the emergency response crews stationed in the immediate area were completely caught off guard and “shocked” by the hijackings, even though they’re specially trained combat-ready fighter pilots ready to go at a moment’s notice to intercept commercial planes which have strayed off course and/or lost communications, or there was a deliberate stalling process at work within the emergency response network which would allow for the attacks to go ahead unfettered.

Remember Payne Stewart? The golfer? Wore the old-time golfer pants and the old-time golfer hat? The guy who died in a 1999 plane crash? While in mid-flight, his plane deviated slightly from its planned course. An air traffic controller saw this and attempted to make contact with the plane. The communications failed, and the controller immediately contacted the military through NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, which is already connected to the FAA computer system with complete flight plan information. Several jets were dispatched from different areas to intercept Payne’s plane (whoa, that sounds weird) WITHIN MINUTES. Yet, on Sept. 11, 2001, huge passenger planes made complete U-turns in the sky and nothing was done for ONE AND A HALF HOURS. Even after the first plane hit the WTC at 8:45am, a plane was able to hit the Pentagon at 9:40am. This strikes me as slightly maddening.

But that damn US Agenda… always gets in the way. It’s amazing how a seemingly crucial investigation involving national security can be so easily terminated, how standard operating procedures within the FAA and NORAD can suddenly and completely collapse, but it’s not so hard to believe if you consider the unspoken US Agenda. When keeping the US Agenda in mind, it’s pretty easy to see how 3000+ lives are a small price to pay for the keys to unquestioned and unchecked military aggression around the world.

And with that in mind, let’s take a look at the equation for enforcing the US Agenda:

STEP ONE: Get Afghanistan under control.

The Taliban were and still are a particularly gnarly mob of fellows. Probably not the most cooperative guys when it came to discussions regarding US pipeline interests in the region. A typical conversation between the US and the Taliban concerning the construction of the pipeline would have been like Kermit trying to have a serious discussion about socialism with Animal. And how is Afghanistan doing these days? Gee, how wonderful of you to ask… I have no idea, do you? The Northern Alliance warlords are in charge now, and they’re just as brutal as the Taliban. And who do they answer to? Who allowed for them to finally come down from the mountains and take control, celebrating with the criminal execution of thousands of Taliban? The US government… fo’ sho’. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said in the New York Times, "My concern is that we have not even begun to achieve in Afghanistan anything that could be called nation-building… Before we have made any progress there, before we have proved to the disenfranchised masses in the third world that it is worth their while to return to the Western fold... I would say that military intervention--in whatever terms they may be justified--tend to be counterproductive for the international coalition against terror."

But at least the Northern Alliance warlords will probably keep their people in line. No more craziness like with the Taliban. “Tell that bitch to be cool!” No more craziness means Halliburton can build some pipeline. Yay.

So now we, the American People, can breathe a sigh of relief. Everything’s fine now. Not so scared anymore. Shock of the attacks fading. Time to buy an SUV. Time to watch sports on television. What’s David Hasselhoff up to? Did Britney really say that? Oh, that Michael… always messin’ with kids!


The US government’s got unending war on the mind, and so it shall be on the minds of the People, dredged up along with all those other vile American fluids from Sept. 11. “Keep the People focused on ‘The War on Terror,’” they might say in their little hideaways. “And little gnomes, stay in their homes…” And so it goes that the general non-thinking American zombie calmly allows the transmission to seep into his or her brain and thus begins its acceptance as a fact of life and safety. “We must stop terrorism. Must stop terrorism. Brains. Must have brains… BRAINS!” (Got off on a “Return of the Living Dead” tangent there… but then, of course, we aren’t too far off now are we). Then, the brain is told who the terrorists are and which country supports them, transmissions being implanted by strange talking heads attached to the disembodied US Agenda. The brain now sees no other option but to go along with the attack on all targets labeled as “terrorist” or those deemed “terrorist affiliated.”


STEP TWO: Secure vital resources in a weakened, emaciated Iraq.

“Next terrorist target… Saddam Hussein. Saddam lives in Iraq. We must attack Iraq,” (this was a sample transmission. If this were a real transmission, you’d have been watching CNN). See how simple it gets? But now, the US Agenda states explicitly that there must be a readily believable reason to attack Iraq, so the People are told of all the evil Saddam has inflicted on his people and other neighboring countries as well as the immediate threat he poses to the United States of America and all neighboring countries. I believe it is of extreme interest to note that the US accusations concerning Saddam’s aggressiveness towards Iran and the Kurds are missing pertinent information detailing their own direct involvement, including strategic military advice and weaponry, of the United States on the side of Saddam in both those cases. Hmmm… I’d like to know a little more about Rumsfeld’s relationship with Saddam back in the day, as well.

And if Iraq is so well-armed and capable of devastating attacks on its neighbors, why is it that estimates for the duration of said war are between 4 and 10 days? If Iraq is capable of such incredible annihilation, how could we possible withstand the unleashing of all their fury and still get in there in a week-and-a-half?

(“Hey kids! We’ve got a good ole boy back in the driver’s seat of the US war machine! It’s time ta get jiggy wid it, time to make good on the long-planned and simple take-over of a regime we’ve decimated, starved, and demoralized for the last 12 years!” And it’s important to note that all the presidents have played a part in getting us here, not just George. George just happens to be the dumbest, most ignorant and dangerous thug of a president we’ve had in a long long time, meaning he’s capable of almost any blatantly obvious unconscionable act. Scary.)

And so it is that Iraq makes total sense as a next target. They’re a third world country who’s a third as powerful as they were in 1991 thanks to sanctions, inspections, and the almost complete destruction of the civilian infrastructure during and after the war, while we’ve grown 10-times as strong in the same time. It’ll be like shooting civilians in a barrel. The regime has been weakened through lack of might and constant scrutiny; the people haven’t only been weakened, they’ve been systematically crushed to a depressed lifeless pulp as a result of relentless bombings and the import of… nothing… almost no resources whatsoever. I’d also like to note that strategically destroying a civilian population’s support and survival network (food plants, water plants, bridges, roads, homes, hospitals, schools, etc.) is most definitely a crime against humanity, and the US has wholeheartedly been in support of this wide-spread and dragged-out torture of Iraqi citizens. The Israelites have been doing it to the Palestinians. Our Latin American policy, a virtual Third-World War, for the last 100+ years will also attest to our humanitarian crimes. Have our government officials no shame, or do they count on the population to remain strapped in to their couches and plugged in to the shit they’re shovelin’ 24/7, never lifting a finger except to grab a potato chip or change the channel, never raising a voice unless their team just scored a touchdown? I say the latter. (I just wanted to say “latter,” actually.)

Plus, Iraq has all the oil needed for a well-lubed military dynasty. Once the US has the oil, the war machine will germinate and spread like poison through the veins and arteries of the Middle East with Iraq as ground zero. This is what must be done strategically in order to carry out the US Agenda.

Most, if not all, of the Muslim world hates the US. And note that most of the Muslim world lies in and around the Middle East. Hmmm… So the main idea here is that the US gets the opportunity to destroy its enemies while digging its talons into a region engorged with oil. This is why we aren’t going full tilt into North Korea. First of all, there aren’t that many Muslims to kill there, they don’t have enough “vital fluids” the US can use at the moment, but most importantly, N. Korea actually HAS weapons of mass destruction. They’ll actually use them against us in a war. They’re clearly unafraid of wreaking irreparable damage in their vicinity, preemptively, I might add. The US government needs to wait until they can figure out a way to disarm them through the UN and otherwise weaken them and THEN they can take them over. But rest assured, N. Korea is seen as a threat and has to be high up on the US hit list, and when the US is ready, they’ll go in and eradicate their country, or at least bring them to their knees.

It’s a strategic mission of world-wide destruction, the worst enemies first.

STEP THREE: The US government will then pillage and conquer all in its path while we Americans can sit back at home and stay safely stupid, watching nuclear bombs go off live, before our very eyes, on CNN. Syria, Libya, North Korea, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt… just wait and see.

Something must be understood here.

This thing goes beyond oil. Oil is the root. It’s really about empire. It’s about imperialism. It’s about capitalism. It’s about the US taking control of any and all valuable world resources (land, oil, water, electricity, people) and squeezing until they have nothing else to squeeze. Not until every last person on earth is begging for mercy, pleading for the chance at a life of servitude in exchange for living… just to hold on to that tiny, insignificant energy of self-perpetuation which defines the staple of life, will we think back to these times and wonder, “How did it happen?” Not until the world and all its people are slaves to the United Earth Totalitarian Regime will we finally realize what is beginning now, right here, in our time. Not until then will you be able to see the manifestation of Hell on Earth. These muther fuckers are gonna take it to the end… and to what end neither we nor they can possibly fathom in full. But make no mistake… it all starts in Iraq. Once Iraq goes down, it’s just the beginning of the end. Tell me you can’t feel than. Tell me you really can’t feel the historical climax we’re all collectively taking part in at this very moment. Tell me you can’t feel even the slightest tug on your intestines towards an “either/or” path.

At this very moment, “right” and “wrong” are taking sides and being defined in the most fundamental ways.

So why not do the right thing? Instead of bombing our problems away, why not start using our innate endowment of compassion to start the healing process this world so desperately needs? Why have we decided that this is impossible? Why have we decided that there’s nothing we can do? And so then, what can we do about it?

Number One: Communicate. Advertise. Post. Write letters. Call/Write to your representatives. Complain. $$Boycott$$. This is the age of information. Information is amassing and flying around in unprecedented ways. Grab a hold of some and pass it on to your fellow human beings. Talk to people you might not ordinarily confront full on. People in your regular day-to-day environment… humans located in YOUR neighborhood, YOUR school, YOUR workplace. These are the people who make up your immediate environment. (I just realized this recently, actually) These are the people who take the information/message to THEIR particular niche in the human collective, and thus, the spreading begins. You know how everyone tends to get the same sorta cold or flu around the same time? Sicken your immediate environment with YOUR information! You are a virus… act like one.

Number Two: Put your body on the line. Pick your body up, get out there and PROTEST. Swarms are capable of massive change. Swift and coordinated movements are what’s needed now. Be a part of it. Even if you don’t know that much about the details and history of the issues, get out there and say, “War is Wrong.” It’s alright to get out and protest that “war is wrong.” It don’t get any simpler than that. And guess what? It actually is a correct statement! It is fact! WAR IS WRONG… for ANY reason. And most definitely, it’s wrong to aggressively pursue war on anyone who has committed no offense against the aggressor. (And then, to make matters even more simple, it is a plain fact that the initial aggressor in every situation is almost always the bad guy.) Coming to a “No War on Iraq” protest with a message of “NO WAR” period… is alright! Being slightly less informed than, perhaps, some other protestor doesn’t make it wrong to protest. It definitely doesn’t make you “just as bad” as someone on the other side, the side of “YES WAR,” someone who may be pulsating with the usual war-mongering rhetoric without giving it a thought or seeking their own information on WHY they should side with war. Even to say, from the other side, “War is Right,” leaving it at that, is wrong. War is NOT RIGHT. Please begin to understand that we are at an evolutionary crossroads, which, theoretically, every sentient species must go through at some point in their development. We must decide right now whether we’re going to take the easy route to total self-annihilation (ie suicide) or travel beyond ourselves, fulfill the prophecy of a global community, all working together as one peaceful unit to further the consciousness of humankind and thus, the earth, into realms we’ve only imagined.

Never doubt the simple proposition that “imagination creates reality.” Always has, always will. Keep the peace alive, my good fine people, and peace will never die.

SEE! I can write something informative without getting too outrageously angry! I held back. If I’m seen as a weaker individual in the eyes of my fellow writers for doing so, then allow me the liberty to say, “Fuck you, my dear fellow,” in as nice a way as possible.

Cody Wayne’s Sick & Tired of U.S. Bullshit