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Links to additional web media...
  • The Naked News
    Ever wonder what it would be like if the news was broadcast by naked people? Here's your chance to find out at Canada's (In Canada, everyone is naked!) KIDS: Please don't click this link, it's for big people only. Go back to playing Pokemon.

    Only the best in Satanic Radio, with plenty of stuff even non-Satanists will enjoy. You can't go wrong with hosts like Honey Hellfire, Professor Sinister and ZuZu Malison Cypher. KIDS: Feel free to click this link.

  • JenniShow
    Jennicam is already an internet legend, but she's now extended into a type of streaming video entertainment that puts Real World to shame. Course, my collection of dried grapefruit puts Real World to shame.
    Though he calls himself "the human serviette" a better title might be "annoying pest to the stars." Nardwuar has been serving up a host of classic interviews for several years now, many are archived on his site.

  • Tony Webb
    This is good shit! If you thought Stanley Clarke's "School Days" was one of the great fusion albums, you'll love Webb's bass playing. The tunes are a simply bass and drums, (not to be confused with drum and bass.) With a name like Webb, the guy's destined to be an internet sensation.

  • Gajoob
    Gajoob features Do It Yourself radio, showcasing surprisingly good material from the great unwashed.

  • Genius-Productions
    I like going here to watch their Romanian Rap videos.

  • All Japanese Pop Music
    I've always been fascinated at how every japanese pop song sounds kind of like something you've heard before but is just slightly different.
    (Note: hyperlink link goes straight to music stream.)

  • 15 Minutes
    Jeffrey Zeldman interviews various web and film celebrities.

  • Those Darn Kidz
    Spoken word wackiness from Nemo 19 and Chuck Swaim.

  • The Black Sun - Boyd Rice meets Devo

  • Rick Richards
    Ahhh, soothing, all keyboard agro-metal.


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