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Internet radio from Acid Logic. a production - 2000

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About Acid Radio

So What the Hell Is Acid Radio?!?
Acid Radio is really two things:
One - An ongoing spoken word internet radio program featuring the mindless blatherings of Acid Logic creator, Wil Forbis.
Two -The audio and video arm of the Acid Logic E-zine featuring a variety of interesting material. What do we mean by interesting? Would we like contributions? Why is Aldo Nova no longer making records? Click here to read the F.A.Q.

Syndicate Acid Radio
Want to be sure you're always hearing the latest in Acid Radio entertainment? You have two options. You can either surgically implant a chip in your skull that will play Acid Radio 24/7 or you can syndicate ACID RADIO from your site. Click here to find out how.

Technical Crap
What do you need to listen to wonderful Acid Radio brand internet radio? The Real Player plug-in available by clicking the following icon.
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