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Change the Channel

By Inherownwrite
March 16, 2004
First of all, let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of Howard Stern's.  I find him very funny at times but vulgar and I don't normally watch or listen to his show.

But it still isn't right what they're doing to his career.

He's been the king of shock jock for many years now but nobody has ever tried this strongly stop him. Now, just because we have some has-been on television who's trying to revive HER dying career, Howard Stern and others are going to lose theirs. I think this whole Super Bowl incident has been blown out of proportion. For something that lasted a couple of seconds, it certainly has caused quite a stir.  Everyone has had the chance to see it now thanks to it being shown over and over again. Now ones who had absolutely nothing to do with it are the ones who are going to pay the consequences. What happened to Janet Jackson other than making her a household name again? Where was Howard Stern when this show was going on?  He was probably sitting at home missing it as it flashed by on the television screen like the rest of us.  

I agree that television and radio have gotten a bit out of hand. (Jerry Springer comes to mind, is HIS show being cancelled?) But it still doesn't make it right. Whatever happened to free speech in this country?  Freedom of the press?  The FCC is taking away these rights.  Sure, it's JUST a radio program you say.  But where does it all end?  I recently heard where they're also trying to ban radio disc jockies from talking about Christmas or Easter.  I've also heard where they're trying to ban Christmas caroling from our public schools.  And why is this?  Because it offends some ethnic groups?  Why can't they just refuse to participate?  Why should we have to give up what we believe in and have practiced?  Maybe I'm offended because I'm being asked to stop practicing my religion and my beliefs.  But that's okay, I'm an American.  Americans are the ones who need to adapt and adjust, not the other way around.  If we went to another country, we'd have to adjust to their customs and learn their language but that's not the case in this country.

What does all this have to do with Howard Stern's show being cancelled?  It brings up the question, “where will it all end?”  Every time you turn on the news, the FCC is regulating this and changing that.

Like I said, I've never been a fan of Howard Stern.  But I if something offends me, I just turn it off.  President Bush's attack against terrorism failed so now he's decided to attack something that he can control better?  Hello censorship. Was changing the Bill of Rights in his campaign?  I don't remember him promising to do that, do you?  Next he'll be rewriting the Constitution. Hah, scratch that, I think he's already started.

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Stern when he says that his views on President Bush are the reason his show is being cancelled, not his content.  His shows are no more vulgar than they've ever been.  All of a sudden, because Britney Spears and Madonna decided to french kiss on television and Janet Jackson decided to flash her breast, the Howard Stern show will be no more.  Next, they'll be canceling the numerous late shows on tv because, as we all know, every one of the hosts of those shows make jokes about our president.  What's next after that? If they're going to censor shows like this, there's a long, long list that could go on and on. 

President Bush has waged all out war on culture, our country's freedom and the Bill of Rights.  It'll be interesting to see who wins. I don't think it's going to be us.

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