We know you've got it tough. People just don't understand you. Mom took away your new Rob Zombie CD and Dad shut down your Ed Gein web site. Your math teacher made you remove your "I Love John Wayne Gacy" T-shirt and the principal suspended you for your art montage featuring the skulls of dead squirrels. But, we all know you'll have the last laugh... some day!

Until then, look at all the killer stuff you can score at Unkle Sleezy's Serial Killer-Torium!. If you love murderabilia (and we know you do) you're dying to get you hands on these personal artifacts of society's most notorious mass murderers. These items will allow you to revel in each sicko's glory to the fullest, including...

Jeffrey Dahmer's Nose Hair Clippers!
These babies pretty much define the essence of "cool." When our boy Jeff wasn't chopping off genitalia or having sex with severed heads, he was keeping his appearance trim and neat. Keep the stray nose vines at bay for only $1500.

John Wayne Gacy's Acne Cream!
Hey, all that clown paint takes its toll on a fellah's skin. John made sure his skin was as soft as a baby's bottom (and he would know) with this gallon sized tub of nonprescription acne medication. We're pleased to pass this on to you for $2500.

Ted Bundy Dental Floss
Ted knew that the quickest way to woman's heart was making sure you didn't have any spinach between your teeth. (Well, actually, Ted once said that the quickest way to a woman's heart is by carving it out of her chest with a dinner knife, but you get the picture.) Comes in two packages: Minted 1000$ and Non-Minted $1500.

Ed Gein's Ear Wax
For years Gein would empty out his ear canal with a Q-Tip and collect the contents in plastic jars. Now you can have a piece of this national treasure all for yourself. (That'll shut up the next guy who tries and show off his chunk of the Berlin Wall.) - $2000 per tablespoon.

David Berkowitz's Toilet Bowl Cleaner
This is a ONE OF A KIND item removed from the infamous Son of Sam's apartment by Unkle Sleezy himself. Make sure you don't miss out on this unique opportunity and BUY IN BULK!!! $3000 per bottle! (Limit: 10 per customer.)

There you go kids. You'll be the envy of the neighborhood when you show off these goodies. Order the entire package for only $10,000, it's money well spent!


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