Wherein Acid Logic contributors bitch and moan about their places of current and former employment!!!

Johnny the Debt Collector
By Johnny Apocalypse
Johnny relates his tenure at the ultimate in craptastic jobs: the bill collector.

Johnny the Process Server
By Johnny Apocalypse
Ever wondered what it's like to serve the notice telling someone they're getting divorced or being sued? Johnny gives the rundown.

Car Wash Confidential Part II
By Wil Forbis
More recollections of a life spent in the world of auto-detail including "The Time the Cops Tried to Bust Me For Buying Pot.

Car Wash Confidential Part I
By Wil Forbis
Think working at a car wash is all about George Carlin and disco music? Don't forget the rampant drug use, grizzled convicts and pen wielding attackers.

Sly Waters and the Thievius Justinius
By Tom Waters
America's children have become half-mad, self obsessed virtual thrill seekers with nary an ounce of humility or courtesy. Tom reports from the frontlines of his job as a video game clerk.

Foreskin in a Vest
By Tom Waters
Tom pines for the omnipotent power he weild during his summer job as a... video game clerk? No, wait, he was a video game janitor. That makes more sense.

My String of Shitty Jobs
By Jesss Morel
Jesss takes a look at her humble beginnings as a strawberry picker and her final arrival as a dot commie. Is this upward mobility?

Vegetables at the Funny Farm
By John Saleeby
John provides a detailed account of his job wrestling crazed maniacs at the psycho ward. Now you know where you've seen him before.

War and Pizza
By Tom Waters
When Tom isn't working hard as a highly paid Acid Logic contributor, he stalks the streets, seeking out nubile young women... and giving them pizza!!!

Too Much Monkey Business Musings on Time Wasted in the World of Stand Up Comedy
By John Saleeby
Saleeby ruminates on his years spent performing as a stand up comic and butting heads with the likes of Colin Quinn.

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