One more today.extending a lasting democratic peace.the King to end all kings

By Sean C Tarry
July 16th, 2004

"By making the right choices, we can make the right choice for our future."

George W. Bush -- Dallas, Texas, Jul. 18, 2003

Upon my thoughts Monday morning.  And mourning the passing of another bouncing weekend.  Slowly coming to.  To lay waste to those nonsensical dreams of slumber.  And to lay here for a bit.  Then open the eyes and have a good look around.  Make sure everything's where it should be, or thereabouts.  Hear the children playing outside, and the plump Hungarian woman vacuuming on the other side of the apartment door.  Smell breakfast turning into brunch.  And smell the stench of the wicked and of the poor, and breathe it in.  Breathe heavy of that sociological carcinogen that we seem to need in our blood.  And thank God.  For he has saved us for one more day.  Probably had to question his own judgement I'd bet, but he's given us all one more chance to crank it.  One more chance to finally screw down those greasy hateheads right where we want them, and then.oh fuck yeah. 

But my back is sore.  And my head a little heavy.  Too much to drink.  Too much to think about me thinks.  Bill collectors.  Perverts; all of them.  Niggardly hustling the last dime I've got out of me.  Every time.  Owe the government one more limb than I can grow.  Nothing owed to me.  Where's some of that good romp that we've been promised?  Must remember to look into that.  Have my assistant bring me my files of what's coming to me.  And that rotten scum on the street last night.  Should have flushed them out.  Can't allow these thieving twitchy punks to own this concrete that surrounds.  It's not right.  And the humidity as well.  Oh Christ! 

Crawl off of this mattress; stained and silly looking in the middle of my bedroom floor, without a box spring but adorned with a beautifully oversized oak headboard.  Aesthetics are always welcome, and in much demand during times like these.  And down the short hallway and into the living room.  Knock over an ashtray on the way to my smokes.  Clean that mess up later.  No time to waste slaving.  Things to do.  Rubbing my eyes. Light this.  Make some coffee.  Dip into the little green bag.  And roll with it. 

Kicking cigarette butts along the floor I move to the television set.  Turn it on.  Glowing.  Now calm me you vicious beast.  Calm me, or, prepare for a smashing.  Show me that there is some good left in this world.  Some sincerity after all.  A chance for one more tomorrow. 

First the local news; a homicide in the East End, arson in the quays, and police corruption leading to inquiries.  You bet I'll tune in at six for details.  Shuffling along the couch for my papers.  Spinning with a smoke hanging from my mouth.  Flecks of green on my dirty beige trousers. 

Now BBC World.  Hard Talk.  And discussion concerning the pending genocide that the people of Southern Sudan face unless the African Union can muster the military numbers needed to curb the bloodshed and potential disaster.  Horrible!  God-awful!  Around and around.  But no music on this carousel.  Just muffled screams and the buzz of far-off oilrigs.  Enough of this blighter.  Now slip the filter.  Too harsh otherwise. 

To CNN we go.  Far too much scrolling text.  Treating us like overgrown ten-year-olds.  Not much hope here either.  Something about gay marriages, and a vote in the senate to ban them nationwide.  Wolf Blitzer will be with us later for that one.  Also, something about Ariel Sharon and the negative comments he made about the Wall ruling in The Hague.  Oh, help me.  This carnage is getting me down.  Need a hero on a day like today.  Definitely need a hero, or a good biography on A&E.  Give me an already tired bio on Lady Diana.  I'll take it. 

Whoops!  Hold it now.  What's this?  In five minutes time President Bush will be addressing the nation from Oak Ridge, Tennessee to defend American international policies and occupation?  Fucking right!  Some truth.  Finally.  This is what we need.  Oh, God bless you George.  God bless you and all of your tight-assed cronies.  Set us straight George.  Me and all the rest of us.  Because we're starting to lose faith.  Win us back George.  Win us back with a bang.  So keyed-up I dropped the joint.  Burning a smoking brown mark into the hardwood floor of this ant-infested disease trap.  Go make some coffee now, and pour myself a cup.  

Fuck I'm excited.  It's like getting ready to watch the Duke boys racing off with a trunk full of moonshine, all over again.  Fuck no!  It's like the Goddamn Super Bowl.  Ah shit!  Even better than that.  It's like all three of the Triple Crown races blended into one.  Yeah!  That's it.  One massive shout-out to all of those who don't believe that the race can be run by a retarded mule.  Perhaps even won by said animal. 

Fuck the mail.  Turn the phone down.  Bolt the door.  I'm not leaving.  This is big.  Should have done up something that would last through this.  Alright though.  Good enough.  Spark it now.  3 - 2 - 1 - Blastoff.  Ee.eee.

"Ladies and gentleman, the President of the United Sates of America."

Pandemonium.  Weeping and cries from the crowd, "The Messiah lives.  And he's come back for our mortal souls."

And Buffalo Springfield's Smile On Your Brother begins to boom through the loud speakers that have been placed generously around the room.  Man this guy knows a thing or two about entrances.  Uncanny taste in music as well.  Fits the occasion perfectly.

Stars and stripes everywhere.  Murals of dying firefighters, and C.I.A. men working around the clock to ensure our safety.  And George standing there with a grin on his face.  A glint in his eyes.  The world will listen now.  He'll make them.  Or he'll damn them to hell from here to eternity.  Hush now.  And anticipation.

"People of America, and the World.  I'm here today to announce yet another victory for peace, and the ongoing fight against the proliferation of terrorism and terrorist acts."

An explosion of applause.  And more screams and cries. 

"Fuck you Pancho Villa!"  Somebody hollers from behind many flailing arms, and whistles of approval.

Good start cowboy.  You've got them by the throats from the get go.  Now don't loosen your grip.  The Free World's counting on you.

"Make no mistake about it.  These terrorists are ruthless and resourceful.  But we've got them by the ball sack now.  Gaddafi's just the first of a long line of shit-faced mongrels that we're going to bring down.  And the world is watching."

Coming in like waves.  More applause, and a swagger from Georgie.  Oh, sweet Jesus.   The heavens are smiling down on you my man, and will open its gates surely upon your ascent.  A few hard pulls on this now.  The butterflies in me belly.  I can't control them.  Keep it coming George.  Tears in my eyes.  I need this.  We all do.    

"America is doing all that it can to ensure safety for its people.  To provide hopefulness in hopeless places.  And to extend a lasting democratic peace to all."

You know it!  Pull.  Burning very nicely.  Never use anything but Zig Zags.  Maintains a beautifully even, slow burn.  Quite nice while tuning in to history. 

"We were right to invade Iraq.  We are right to do anything we damn well feel like doing."

A frenzy now as the confidence mounts.  People clutching and groping each other.  A crazed look of hysteria in their faces.  Shit would I like to be there.  Can you imagine the after party at this gig?  He's got these people stirring before him.  Peek out the window to see if people are dancing in the streets yet.  Don't want to miss that action.

"As I speak to you, right this moment, highly skilled Marines are loading all of Libya's nuclear armaments and developmental technologies into a warehouse right here in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  And we are safer because of it."  

Hoots.  People taking their shirts off and swinging them wildly in the air.  A scene for sure.  Sweet trampled Christ.  Your brother speaks.  And with the tongue that any God-fearing man can understand.

"And lets not forget about the people who have been responsible for tracking cargo to Tripoli and other places like that, and ensuring that the proliferation of terrorism is stopped.  It's the hard work of the men and women at the C.I.A.  And we, as Americans, salute them for their efforts." 

This is classic.  An address to be remembered.  Something I can tell my grandchildren about.  The King to end all Kings.  Yes kiddies.  I saw the man speak on the glowing box.  The one who brought peace and universal understanding to the heathens.  Yeah, that's the guy.  The oil wrangler who wouldn't relent.  The heir to Reagan's deeds, and to his fathers unfinished business.  The world will be a better place soon.  Maybe not in Africa, or in Asia, and it may not be felt over the better part of South America, or Europe.  But here in North America.  The land of promise and opportunity.  The land of the truly civilized and intellectually advanced.  We're finally safe from the corruption and the deviance of the Third World.  Look out now.  Wrap this up George.

"We will not stop this fight, no matter how tough the struggle gets.  We will defend our country, and occupy others.  We will love the C.I.A., and hate homosexuals.and we will continue to prevail in ignorance.  Thank you." 

As I popped the cork across the room, and poured a celebratory glass of the bubbly, I thought about the long journey of struggle and displays of democratic resolve that the American people have had to endure in order to extend the peace, which George now speaks. 

All of the occupation and removal of power in Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador and Cuba throughout the first half of the twentieth century.  All of that fucking around in Africa and Asia and anywhere else that's needed a bending over and fixing.  It's all making more sense now than anyone could have ever imagined.

So save that roach for later.  Drink this champagne down.  And pour another.  And join in the thousands who are dancing.  And eat shit, those of you who doubt the power of democracy.

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