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Are We Trapped By Words?
By Wil Forbis
Words and language are essential to human communication. But do they have a way of locking us into prison-like frameworks of thought?

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MM: Eaten Alive
By John Saleeby
With the recent passing of film director Tobe Hooper hanging in the air, John takes a look at an under appreciated masterpiece. Perhaps he can figure out who is scarier: Neville Brand or a giant alligator.

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Irish pt. 30
By Pete Moss
The team settles into San Diego and digs into the mysterious past of their Scrabble playing benefactor.
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Reel Advice: Tall Men
By Steve Anderson
Steve peruses an intriguing film in which a found credit card incurs deadly fees. The question, however, is whether a good idea is carried through with good execution.
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Are we trapped by words?

Are we trapped by words?




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