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"Wil is a cynic's cynic, but in the depths of his filthy black heart he hasn't forgotten how to love. Or how to write."
Mike Daisey, monologist ("How Theater Failed America") and author ("21 Dog Years: Doing Time @ ")

"Take one part Rolling Stone’s Lester Bangs with two parts National Lampoon’s Michael O’Donoghue and stir in a swizzle stick of’s Cintra Wilson, and you have the intoxicatingly addictive cocktail that is Wil Forbis."
Earl Horlyck, Sioux City Weekender

"...the most entertaining book I’ve read all year. Forbis’ juxtaposition of subtlety, cynicism, and over the top ranting (not to mention his penchant for asking his interview subjects truly interesting questions) makes for a dizzying ride through the annals of pop culture..."
Rich Evans, Exotic Magazine 

MM: My Friend Dahmer
By John Saleeby
Jeffrey Dahmer's high school classmate, cartoonist Derf Backderf, penned a graphic novel that explores the environment that lead to the creation of one of modernity's most infamous killers. Could the menace of Dahmer been prevented?
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My Friend Dahmer
Read about My Friend Dahmer in the all-crazy issue!

What is Crazy?
By Wil Forbis
Is there a clear dividing line between sanity and insanity? Or do we all exhibit behaviors that could be classified as crazy?
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Irish Pt. 14
By Pete Moss
Pete and company hunker down and wait for an assault. Again, it's their canine companion, Pedro, who saves the day.
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Reel Advice: Stonehearst Asylum
By Steve Anderson
In a 19th century insane asylum it's hard to tell who's crazy and who's normal. Ben Kingsley co-stars in a recent suspense flick that keeps you guessing at its secrets.
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FINALLY - A NEW 2012 EPISODE: Guest Host: John Saleeby
Hosted by John Saleeby
John revives the Acid Radio brand while reviewing an interesting new music selection produced by one of today's happening youth!

Check out John's additional mp3 comedy at THE DEVIL IS A SISSY!
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