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Sympathy for the Incel?
By Wil Forbis
Few modern archetypes have earned more scorn than the rage-infused, misogynistic incel. Can the words of a killer prompt a glimmer of understanding?

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IM: Sammy Davis Junior
By John Saleeby
When the rat pack 50s hit the rock and roll 60s we all knew America was a serious trouble. Fortunately the Candy Man came along to soothe our souls with a song.

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Irish Pt. 50
By Pete Moss
Cue the fireworks and Champagne! Pete's ongoing California serial hits the big time with its 50th episode.
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Reel Advice: The Final Wish
By Steve Anderson
Steve discovers an aesthetically pleasing entry into the genre of 'be careful what you wish for' films.
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Angry Incel

Can anyone summon Sympathy for the Incel?




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