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Will #metoo Come for Rock Music?
By Wil Forbis
Politicians, entertainers, authors, priests, journalists and more have withered when they were exposed as sexual predators. Oddly, few in the debauched industry of rock music have suffered the same fate. Is change around the corner?

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Asia Argento: Person Of The Year!
By John Saleeby
Be it because of #metoo or her boyfriend's suicide, Ms. Argento has been a mainstay in the news as of late. Saleeby gives her acid logic's highest honor.

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Irish Pt. 41
By Pete Moss
As the team returns to San Francisco, tense Scrabble activities occur. And watch out for a surprise guest!
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I Am High and Drunk as Fuck and I Am About to Review This Album!
By Brian Friend
Curious which new Alice in Chains song is 'like a large, callused hand is trying its hardest to make you feel safe as it carries you over a lava swamp'? Here's your chance to find out!
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Reel Advice: Children of the Corn: Runaway
By Steve Anderson
Yep, they're still making COTC movies. Steve finds the latest one to be an entertaining throwback to a different era of horror.
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Will #metoo Come for Rock Muscians?

Will #metoo catch up to rockers?




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