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MM: Intruder
By John Saleeby
Can a slasher movie set in a grocery store cut the mustard? It can and does as well as cutting plenty of faces and flesh. Welcome the return of a lost horror masterpiece!

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Can a Computer Write a Hit Song?
By Wil Forbis
Computers have been composing classical and experimental music for years. But do they have what it takes to create the sugary sweet and infectious tunes that climb up the pop charts?
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Irish Pt. 23
By Pete Moss
After their freeway skirmish, our protagonists attempt to replace a broken windshield. This leads them to a friend from Dragen's past.
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Reel Advice: Monsterland
By Steve Anderson
Steve takes a look at a collection several short movies grouped under a themed umbrella. The most surreal of the shorts are the ones that stand out.
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Intruder is coming for you!!!!

Read up on the creepiest horror film in the cereal aisle!



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