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A World Where Assholes Thrive
By Wil Forbis
Harvey Weinstein spent decades molesting women and abusing those around him. Are the characer traits that drove him to power the same that led to his downfall?

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MM: Curse of the Werewolf
By John Saleeby
Can Spanish werewolves strike fear in the hearts of men? They can when Oliver Reed is the man behind the makeup.

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Irish pt. 31
By Pete Moss
Ensconced in San Diego, our team contemplates entering the world of competitive street Scrabble. What could go wrong?
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Reel Advice: Child Eater
By Steve Anderson
A recent horror romp manages to successfully update the classic "babysitter versus monster" trope. Fans of eye-gouging will not be disappointed
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Harvey Weinstein coming at you! Or on you.

Will assholes always win?




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