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Murderin’ MILFs Of Lifetime
By John Saleeby
The Lifetime channel is a hotbed of sexy, middle-aged women stewing in their own obsolescence. Will their husbands' philandering with teenage babysitters finally drive them over the edge?
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MM: Radio K.A.O.S
By Wil Forbis
After leaving mega-group Pink Floyd, songwriter Roger Waters created a little known masterpiece, one still creating waves. Radio waves that is.
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Irish Pt. 19
By Pete Moss
Pete's urban adventure again pauses to give a dog's-eye view of the world.
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Reel Advice: Flight 7500
By Steve Anderson
Strange things happening on a trans-Atlantic flight should make for a compelling horror flick. Steve finds things a little too predictable.
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A Murdering MILF!

This MILF is gonna murderize you!



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