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Can We Have Political Beliefs With No Free Will? Part 2
By Wil Forbis
If free will is a myth does that invalidate every political belief system out there? If so, can anything rise from the wreckage?

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MM: Young, Loud and Snotty - The Dead Boys
By John Saleeby
Cleveland based Cheetah Chrome and Stiv Bators were onto something big when they laid down the tracks of the Dead Boys' magnum opus.

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Irish pt. 38
By Pete Moss
The characters are moving up to the west side (La Jolla, California that is) in Pete's continuing California adventure.
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Reel Advice: Wind Walkers
By Steve Anderson
Steve continues examining the latest After Dark horror films and finds an intriguing, if at times confusing, Native American terror fest.
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ARe you a puppet controlled by fate??!! YES!!!

Are we but puppets on a string?




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