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You Wacky Kids And Your Crazy You Tube! I Love You!!!!
By John Saleeby
John explores the current generation of comics---kids who have no use for stand-up and are making big bucks broadcasting on youtube.

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The Dark Comedy of Jenji Kohan
By Wil Forbis
As the creator of the television shows Weeds and Orange is the New Black, Jenji Kohan has foisted a unique vision of comedy upon her viewing audience.

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Irish pt. 36
By Pete Moss
The stakes get serious as Scrabble's Balboa and Creed line up a match in our continuing tale of southern California savagery.
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Reel Advice: The Wicked Within
By Steve Anderson
Steve is a longtime fan of the Eight Films to Die For series. He critiques a recent installment and finds a gem.
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The Crazy Kids of You Tube!

Those wacky YouTube kids!!
It's the acid logic comedy issue!




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