Want to get into one of the fastest growing job markets there is? Then, damn, foo', let master of rhyme, platinum selling rapper, Ice Cube lay it all down for you in this exciting new volume from GhettoSkillz Computer Books.


Aw, yeah, y'all. Ice Cube ain't trippin' when he goes off on yo' ass about the seriously fly world of Network Protocols. You gon' freak when Cube lays it down on subjects like IP Networks, Convergence Architecture and emerging standards in VoIP (Voice over IP.) And after you hear Ice tell it like it is, you gon' wanna get in the game!

And because Ice Cube has always been a straight playa, he let his homeboy Brian Dilhooley help write the book. (Click here for an interview with Co-author of "The Ice Cube Guide to Network Protocol Engineering", Brian Dilhooley, Phd.)

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