Devo has unquestionably been my favorite band ever since I walked into a record store in Honolulu as a teenager to hear a few refrains from their 1982 album "Oh No It's Devo." But Devo is also one of the most fascinating bands in rock history, whom pushed a grandiose concept of "de-evolution" in their music, concert appearances and videos. As an instrumentalist, part time vocalist and a chief architect of Devo, Gerald V. Casale helped establish the band's success while also defining the burgeoning art form of music videos by directing most of Devo's early visual contributions (including the highly memorable video for "Whip It"). As such, it was a blast to get his thoughts on the current state of De-evolution, the role of the Kent State Massacre in Devo's formation and why not to trust John Belushi with your cocaine.